mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.4.13 out

31.08.2007 12.18 - mobiili 

Another day, another release. This one fixes CTCP version reply (it said 0.4.11 in 0.4.12, bad bad me), channel windows were a bit too low in 3rd edition so they blocked part of the input box and the Links menu crashed sometimes.

Also just noticed Mikko Linnalo's comment about the backup. I had already made the backup registration file, but for some reason it wasn't in the pkg file so it wasn't put into the installation package. Thanks for the comment, sorry for taking this long to fix it!

We'll see if I make 0.4.14 later today or if I'll save it for tomorrow. And this speed in releases can only mean one thing: 0.5 must be coming soon.

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Version 0.4.12 out

30.08.2007 20.16 - mobiili 

Release per day keeps the doctor at bay, or how was it :) Now I've released 0.4.12, which fixes color ordering (RGB was BGR on this platform, damn), adds Danish, Turkish and Hebrew as languages. Hebrew seems to crash my N95, so I don't know if it'll work at all.

Also some speedups and stuff to the screen drawing, so it should be very smooth.

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Version 0.4.11 out

30.08.2007 01.32 - mobiili 

I'm continuing my "new day, new version" line today, so it's time for version 0.4.11 :)

This version is a LOT faster on screen updating, especially compared to the previous version which had a nasty bug in the kludge to reduce flickering.

This version also brings three new CTCP commands: /ping, /version and /clientinfo. So now you can ping others, check their version and clientinfo (that one is probably not used that much). mIRGGI has supported these as the recipient from the beginning but you haven't been able to send them to others.

Also there have been some requests for colors. I'm happy to say that colors are now supported. You have the default 16 colors and you can set both foreground and background colors.

I've also reverted the 2nd edition version a bit regarding the title bar. On 3rd edition the default title bar is very small, but on 2nd edition it's huge. So I'm drawing it myself once again.

So I think this version is once again a lot better than the previous. Hope you like it!

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Thoughts about 0.5

26.08.2007 20.14 - mobiili 

I've been thinking for a quite long time that I'd like to make my own text controls for mIRGGI. The rationale is that I haven't found any way to make the default controls behave. There are scrolling problems, there are flashes, there's everything.

One problem was that people wanted to have copy&paste. This would take quite some time to implement myself, so I didn't do anything about this. Now that I have a URL catcher, I'd like to ask if anyone would object if I removed copy&paste, made my own text controls and you only had the URL catcher? I might implement c&p someday, but I think the scrolling and flashing are the most annoying problems (and many people have said so), so I think this would make the usage a lot better.

Any comments, objections, suggestions?

I've been also thinking about getting the 0.5 version out soon. I have some thoughts about what features it should have. It should be totally translated (this has gone a long way already), it should have more commands in the menu, logging would be nice etc. So after these and the text control (I already have one version in another application) are implemented, we should have enough for a 0.5 release.

What would YOU want to see in version 0.5?

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Version 0.4.10 out

26.08.2007 19.29 - mobiili 

Version 0.4.10 is out. Fixes the problem where mIRGGI won't start when installed on a memory card.

Direct links:
3rd edition
2nd edition

I'm also going to release 0.4.11 soon, maybe even tomorrow. So no rush in getting this version to your phone.

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Version 0.4.9 out now!

25.08.2007 16.52 - mobiili 

I've released v0.4.9 and it's available from MOSH. It fixes the problems with autojoins, hangs etc. I don't know if the problems with not starting will be fixed since I haven't gotten that error on my test devices.

There are also two new features:

The commands to send when connecting to server. Separate multiple commands with newline characters. The commands must be in IRC protocol form since they are sent verbatim (for example, /msg is PRIVMSG nick :message, note the colon)
URL capturing
All URLs starting with http:// or https:// are captured and can be sent to clipboard from menu.

Hope this works fine and you like the new features.

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Version 0.4.9 out tomorrow

25.08.2007 01.23 - mobiili 

Crap, me stupid. 0.4.8 is totally broken so I'll put 0.4.9 out tomorrow. Stupid bugs, should not code in a hurry.

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Version 0.4.8 out

23.08.2007 12.55 - mobiili 

I've just released version 0.4.8. It includes some anti-flicker fixes, it should be a bit faster and the scrolling bug should be a bit less annoying (but it's not really fixed yet). It also has some new languages (translation is still ongoing) and the title bar has been changed to the default. Now you can see what writing mode you have as well as the battery and signal status.

There are probably some bugs, so please report them. This isn't version 1.0 yet...

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MOSH "a bit" buggy

13.08.2007 12.35 - web 

Argh. MOSH is a bit buggy. I added a mIRGGI collection to MOSH and see what I got...

MOSH bugaa

I really didn't add any female rear ends to my mIRGGI packages, but MOSH gives quite random content there. Damn.

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Status update

13.08.2007 11.46 - mobiili 

I've been quiet for a while, so I thought I'd write a little status update.

First, thanks to all you great people for the translations! I'll try to get all of them to the next release and find more strings to translate.

Second, I've added mIRGGI installation packages to Nokia's new MOSH service. I will keep all the previous versions there, so if there are problems with new versions, you can downgrade easily.

Thirdly, I've been a bit "busy" trying to relax a bit. I will resume developing mIRGGI soon, don't worry :)

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