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And the promised stuff...

13.12.2009 21.16 - mobiili ohjelmointi 

Oh well, you really don't like me enough :( But as promised, I'll give you something. mIRGGI goes shared source. Which means that I'll open the source, you can add to it and send in the patches and whatnot, but it's not GPL or other crap. One big reason is that I don't want 843975984 forks of mIRGGI just because of "I want this dot to be there and not here" folks. And you're not allowed to use parts of mIRGGI in your own projects. Just because I'm evil.

So stay tuned. It'll happen soon. I just have a physics exam tomorrow, for which I haven't studied, and other stuff. But soon. You'll get to wonder the horrors of my coding and make mIRGGI even better.

Good? Bad? Don't care? At least the development shouldn't be just on my shoulders.

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On the Second Day of Christmas...

02.12.2009 21.51 -

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On the first day of Christmas...

01.12.2009 07.27 -

Huge apologies once again for not being able to support mIRGGI as much as I'd like to. I've started studies and had enough to do without blowing my brains out with Symbian :(

But hey, here's the thing: give me something on these first 12 days of December and I'll give you back improvements. And, if you're nice enough, I have a huge surprise on the 13th!

But what to give and how? That's for you to decide. Of course since I'm a student and don't work at the moment, the easy option is money. Sure, if you like. My account number is FI75 2303 2100 5264 47 / NDEAFIHH and I do order from Amazon sometimes, but more from Play.com. So gift certificates are welcome. But don't stop there. Money is the easy option. Think creatively! :)

Also I don't want this to sound like "I'm not gonna do anything before I get my paycheck." That's not the point. It's just that I've put a lot of time and effort to mIRGGI and now that I really have to think about what to do with my limited time, I'd like to be encouraged :)

And yes, the payback for you on the 13th is huge, if you're nice!

To make the point clear: I'm not soliciting money. I'm soliciting some nice presents, which hopefully are something else than money and tell me something about you. But I do accept money, too, if you can't think of anything else.

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