mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.4.96 out

27.09.2007 14.31 - mobiili 

Version D fixes server setting problems.

I've released version 0.4.96. This version does NOT have Messenger support available yet. It does have several other things though (I've probably forgot a lot from the list and some might not work well):

  • Windows are reused if server connection breaks and you reconnect
  • Server windows can't be closed (should be: if connected, I'll fix it later)
  • away shows correct infos and in correct windows
  • Menu for joining 10 last channels for each server
  • Menu item for joining to a new channel
  • /nick newnick will update the nick that is shown to you
  • server name shown in main window
  • URL detector should find also URLs starting with www. and not http://
  • Keepalive for IRC (not well tested)
  • Vibration error fix
  • Some other minor fixes and changes

The b version fixes some problems with menus, nothing that big yet. I'll list all the changes (don't have access to version control now) later on.

I haven't tested this thoroughly yet. 0.4.96d 3rd edition 0.4.96d 2nd edition (FP0/1) 0.4.96d 2nd edition (FP2/3)

Some have mentioned about update errors. If you don't want to lose your settings, wait a while and I'll retest updating.

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mIRGGI feat. mEZE

24.09.2007 00.43 - mobiili 

Yes, I know. I told you I wouldn't do any new features, just concentrate on fixing bugs. But I couldn't help it. I've started doing MSN Messenger support for mIRGGI. It already can connect to the server and chat with people, but it will probably crash if the connection is closed or anything is done. So even if I release it (I might not enable it in the next versions until it works better), it's like "if you use it, don't come crying if mIRGGI crashes, but do tell me what happened so I can fix it."

So the main focus is on IRC functionality and stability, MSN Messenger is just a bonus feature at the moment. And I'm doing it because I personally talk to a couple of my friends only on Messenger. So this way I can chat with all my friends at the same time on the same application.

Also I know I said that 0.5 will be great and I won't release it until this and that and whatnow. But I won't do that either. I'll release 0.5 soon because so much has changed and I'll develop the whole thing further from there on. And I won't fear the higher version numbers anymore :)

I hope this is a good thing for many and if you don't use Messenger, you won't even see it in mIRGGI. And the memory consumption isn't that big either.

Oh yes, if someone's wondering what about ICQ or GTalk or Jabber or... I do have code done for ICQ in C# so I could port that but since I don't personally use it, I won't be doing that at the moment, unless there's a huge demand for it. And GTalk, Jabber etc are the same.

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Version 0.4.95 out

20.09.2007 22.12 - mobiili 

I've just released version 0.4.95. This includes some minor fixups but also one big thing: multiple server connections.

This version crashes easily if you connect, connection fails and then you disconnect etc. So don't expect it to be rock stable. But otherwise connect/disconnect work quite well. Also you can close server windows, they have no titles etc, these will be fixed.

Also the previously mentioned softbutton things, 2nd edition skin problems etc are not fixed.

Now I'll concentrate on trying to fix bugs and not add that many features anymore to get 0.5 out. I'm so anxious to get working on the new features that'll be on 0.6 :)

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Version 0.4.94e out

20.09.2007 07.40 - mobiili 

There was a nasty bug that hid the input box when using menu. This fixes that but with E70 and E90 the menu labels are still wrong when rotating the screen.

The nick list is now sorted and can be shown with # key. It also goes away with the same key. The list has now op, deop, kick and slap commands available.

mIRGGI 0.4.94e 3rd edition
mIRGGI 0.4.94e 2nd edition (FP0, FP1)
mIRGGI 0.4.94e 2nd edition (FP2, FP3)

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New download URLs

18.09.2007 23.07 - mobiili 

I've assigned new download URLs to help you get the newest version easily:

2nd edition version (FP0 or FP1): http://2nd.mirggi.net/

2nd edition version (FP2 or FP3): http://2nd2.mirggi.net/

3rd/5th edition version http://3rd.mirggi.net/

These will always point to the right package.

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Version 0.4.94 out

17.09.2007 18.03 - mobiili 

NOTE! Due to the stupid Carbide.c++ and its inability to notice clear errors in the compilation process (or maybe it's not a problem for Nokia that some libraries were not found and linking was not done), the 3rd ed version was pre-d and not d. About says it's 0.4.94c, so if you have that version, load the correct package.

It's time for another version. Fixes/new stuff:

  • Copy fixed
  • Exit fixed
  • Multiple server profiles available (still one server connection)
  • Nick list
  • Danish translation updated
  • Scrolling works even if people are sending messages
  • USER 130 error fixed in the b version

So now finally the backlog has some meaning since the screen won't always scroll to the bottom.

So 0.5 is coming quite fast, only a few things to do.

And 0.4.94c is out. Couple changes:

  • Password field too small (8 chars, now 64)
  • Connecting to servers always uses the autowindows/autocommands from the correct progile
  • When using multiple server profiles and ports >32768, sometimes the ports may revert back to 6667
  • autocommands can now be regular mIRGGI commands, like /msg, /mode etc
  • colors on topics are stripped

And 0.4.94d is out. Some internal fixes and vibration support. Vibra only works on 3rd/5th ed and 2nd ed FP2/3. So now there are three packages depending on your phone. Vibra/sound will come in private messages if the window is not active. And joining to channels with keys should work now (2nd ed might not).

Oh, and there was a request for /slap. Try it (especially on 3rd ed devices) ;)

mIRGGI 0.4.94d 3rd edition
mIRGGI 0.4.94d 2nd edition (FP0, FP1)
mIRGGI 0.4.94d 2nd edition (FP2, FP3)

Known issues in this version:

  • 2nd edition may draw incorrectly when using skin background
  • messages might not come at all
  • title doesn't change back when returning from settings

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Version 0.4.93 out

15.09.2007 09.18 - mobiili 

And now it's time for version 0.4.93. The most waited new feature is SSL support. It supports SSL3 and TLS1. I've also fixed a couple of bugs, but I haven't found the reason for the crash in Settings/General while connected and on a channel. So just don't go there while connected :)

There was also a problem when closing mIRGGI. Sometimes the app would just hang. It's fixed now also.

And now there's the b version which removes the KERN-EXEC 0 and the password field won't crash either.

And another update. Settings won't crash, 2nd edition version works (after you change color settings etc you may want to restart it, otherwise it's "a bit" nasty looking).

And now I've fixed German strings, ports >32768 will be saved and scrolling is again by screen and now by line. And it won't scroll too much.

mIRGGI 0.4.93e 3rd edition
mIRGGI 0.4.93e 2nd edition

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Crash reporting

14.09.2007 11.33 - mobiili 

If you have crashes with mIRGGI and your phone doesn't show you the panic code (i.e. the app just disappears and no reason is given), please install errrd-package and then crash mIRGGI again. This package is from Nokia and contains a single empty file that will make your phone to show the error code for any crashes your phone might have. This package is only for 3rd edition phones.

This will help me find the problems much faster since I don't have to try to get my version to crash just to know what happened. The error code won't say exactly what happened or where, but it will give some clue (if the error code is documented, not all are).

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Version 0.4.92 out

13.09.2007 08.36 - mobiili 

I've released 0.4.92, which is a beta version. So it might have nasty bugs, crash etc. Please report everything so I can fix them. Especially check the color settings etc when running for the first time. They are probably messed up.

New things in this release:

  • logging
  • more color selections
  • transparency, so that the skin is shown
  • timestamp can show seconds
  • button bar hidden, so more space for texts
  • password hidden
  • settings are divided to separate screens

Update! I've fixed some more stuff and rereleased 0.4.92. URLs below.

  • /me works
  • command as the first thing on a new channel didn't go through
  • /join channel (without #) assumes #
  • log directory/sound file were mixed up a bit

Grab it while you can!
mIRGGI 0.4.92d 3rd edition
mIRGGI 0.4.92d 2nd edition

Note! The localized versions might write strange things (missing nicknames etc) because not all translations have been updated to the new format.

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Translation update

09.09.2007 12.46 - mobiili 

I've set up a place for the translations. I've also added some new strings to translate. If you want to help translating mIRGGI, check the files in languages directory. The English file contains all current strings, the others don't!. If you want to translate mIRGGI to a new language, grab the English version and start writing, then send me the new file. If you want to update existing languages, grab the correct file and send it to me with fixes.

Note that I've changed the English texts, so the other files don't have exactly the same texts!

Note! Files are encoded as UTF-8, so please keep them that way and make sure the files you send me are UTF-8. Preferrably without byte order mark. And also tell me how to write the name of the language in the language itself, so I can write it correctly in the list.

Sorry, email address is not obvious. So send your translations to symbiatch at jutut.fi.

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Version 0.4.91 out

08.09.2007 20.42 - mobiili 

Note! This version had some language problems and did some panicing. I've fixed this and uploaded a new 0.4.91 into MOSH.

0.4.91 has at least these improvements:

  • Text color and background can be changed. However some colors (timestamps, errors etc) are not changeable yet.
  • Message sound can be set. The sound must be in the phone memory, under Sounds. Just click and select the sound. If you want to remove the sound, press C or Backspace on the setting (in the list mode, don't go to the file selection).
  • Message sound volume can be set
  • If message sound is set and volume is not minimum, then every time you get a private message you will get this sound. The sound will stop when you press any key, so if you have a 10 minute MP3 file as the notification sound, it won't play for 10 minutes.
  • Timestamps can be set on or off.
  • Text input box is the correct size depending on the font size.
  • Channel topic is shown on the title bar after the channel name.
  • Messages for yourself (modes), from NickServ/ChanServ are written to the server window, not to a new chat window.
  • Settings items are on the selected language, not always in English as in 0.4.90
  • Commands have shortcuts. If you want to use /join, you can write /j, /jo, /joi or /join. So just write enough of the beginning of the command to make it unique (/m is /msg, /mo is /mode etc).
  • Dutch language added

So, quite a lot of new stuff, I'm on fire :)

Once again, 2nd ed version is not that tested.

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Version 0.4.90 out

06.09.2007 12.13 - mobiili 

So, drumroll please... I'm soon uploading 0.4.90 to MOSH. It is quite a big change from 0.4.14, though it might not seem like it on the outside. Some things will show, though.

The major things that have changed are:

  • Settings won't crash with special characters. Now you can type #'s and everything with every model.
  • No more flashing. And I mean it. But do tell me if channel changing or anything is too slow when using multiple channels. Haven't had time to test this well enough.
  • No more buffering. Text will update on screen while typing, it will only pause while you're using T9 to write a word or when you're selecting a character.
  • Input box will stay open. Because of the previous discovery, the input box will stay open after you send a line. It can be closed by clicking ok/enter and then you can change channels and scroll. When sending commands, the input box is closed currently. I'll see if even this can be prevented.
  • Light can be set to come on when there's activity on some channel. This will happen whether mIRGGI is in the foreground or not at the moment.

What else... Can't remember everything since I've done such a big remodeling on the UI insides trying to get these annoying things to work. Hope you like it!

I've NOT tested the 2nd edition version thoroughly, it installs, starts, tries to connect to a server etc, so it should work. Let me know! MOSH seems to be down so it's downloadable from my site.

mIRGGI 0.4.90 for S60 3rd Edition

mIRGGI 0.4.90 for S60 2nd Edition

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Version 0.4.14 out

02.09.2007 02.42 - mobiili 

I've just released version 0.4.14. This version finally fixes the problem with special characters in the settings! Took me long enough. I've also started reorganizing some parts of the code to allow me to get the required functionality implemented.

I've only released the 3rd edition version since I don't have my N70 at hand at the moment. I'll try to test the 2nd edition version soon too.

Note! The settings might be a bit different, so if the app won't start on your device, uninstall the old version and then install the new. And then input your settings again :(

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