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Version 0.5.1 out

29.11.2007 01.27 - mobiili 

Ok, I finally got the 0.5.1 version out. There was some problem with compiling and getting it to run, but after installing Carbide.c++ 1.3 beta it seems to work just fine.

This one fixes the problem with empty lines (very apparent with im.bitlbee.org), adds support for Slovenian language (thanks Tadej!) and also fixes the previously written lines -buffer.

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Good Excuse Not to Release 0.5.1

28.11.2007 09.08 - IT-ala 

Now I finally have a plausible excuse why I haven't released 0.5.1 yet, although I have made a couple of fixes weeks ago. Macbook Ate My Hard Drive. Crap.

Another thing is that when using the debugger I get one panic, on the device another. So the whole project doesn't run at the moment. Crappety crap.

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