mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Requested features

08.04.2007 13.37 - mobiili 

I have gotten quite a few request for features and I also have some things I personally would like to have. I'll list them here and if you want something, just add a comment and I'll add it here. These requests are in no particular order whatsoever.

I also remove the things I've done from this list when they're available.

Nick list
Menu for most used commands
nick completion
Could be done since mIRGGI already tracks all users on a channel, probably NOT in v0.5, must figure out a key to do this
device specific keys
For example E61 has volume keys that could be used for scrolling, then we wouldn't have to press ok/enter when writing text etc. Also other devices have extra buttons that can be used. We shall see.
Multiple IRC servers
Possible, but won't be done in the near future. First all other more important functions.
DCC chat/send/receive
A bit bigger things, we'll see. After v0.5
Indicators for activity while using other apps
A bit bigger thing, not soon.
Autoreconnect + rejoin
Sometime, don't know when
changing server from input box
not scrolling to the bottom when checking the backlog and there is channel activity
Hopefully in v0.5
rejoin to channels after reconnect
After autoreconnect is done
copy&paste with multiple lines
Maybe in v0.5
Editable "frequently used commands/phrases" section in menu
Hopefully in v0.5
Translations to other languages (Finnish, Swedish, Russian...)
/close leaves channel
On-connect commands
backlight on when messages arrive
keepalive for the server connection
CTCP ping, clientinfo etc
Sound message when private messages arrive
Shorter commands possible (e.g. /j for join)
URL catcher
SSL support



milzer (anon, 11.04.2007 18.04)

Link recognition and opening in browser would be nice :)

lyttinen (anon, 16.04.2007 14.35)

> Link recognition and opening in browser would be nice :)

Second vote for this.

suckho (anon, 17.04.2007 08.26)

Fullscreen mode. No CBA at bottom and a only small title bar on top. There is no use for showing Options and Exit softkeys all the time, since user should already know where they are.

suckho (anon, 17.04.2007 09.14)

Application icon. I have already too many apps with the default puzzle icon :))

Symbiatch (17.04.2007 10.32)

Fullscreen mode is coming, at least the top of the screen will be hidden but the CBA could probably also be. I agree, people using IRC should know what they say, except in copy/paste mode where they are select/copy/back etc. But we'll see.

And the application icon. Yes. I just haven't gotten into it to create an SVG icon. Anyone want to make me one? :)

Jimmy_ (anon, 18.04.2007 07.57)

/amsg for multichannel messages

Thomas (anon, 19.04.2007 01.41) kotisivu

It doesn't seem that the client sends the PASS command at all, at least not before it sends the NICK and USER commands.

When a password is set in the settings, it should send the PASS when it connects, followed by the NICK and USER commands.

Thomas (anon, 19.04.2007 01.44)

There should be an option to enable "always in writing mode" so you don't have to press the "enter" key before writing lines. I don't find the "press a number to switch to that window mode" to be that usefull, when you have to press the enter key before each and every line you want to write:)

(Ok, I get it, "Kotisivu" means homepage?:P)

Jim Hughes (anon, 30.04.2007 12.02) kotisivu

History of stuff you've typed would be very useful.

A way to save and select some stock phrases or bot commands would be really handy too, it'd save me typing similar things every day.

Symbiatch (30.04.2007 13.47)

Command history is already done in 3rd edition (in 2nd ed it crashed so it's disabled). Just press up or down while input box is activated.

Frequently used commands could be added to the menu while I'm doing it. Some settings for them etc. Good idea.

Mika Takala (anon, 03.05.2007 23.07)

Scrolling up/down a channel window currently scrolls it too much with single scroll action. Makes it difficult to read the log. What if the scrolling only did about half of the height of the screen?

Kavey (anon, 23.05.2007 13.37)

Skipping MOTD would be great...

phonophiliac (anon, 25.05.2007 17.07)

I mentioned this earlier, but wanted to be sure it was clear, and also to say that I found what causes the problem.

When the thread is long, and someone speaks (me or another person), the thread resets at the top of the page... So every time you type or someone else does, it just bumps the screen back to the top of the channel.

This is caused by screen redraws. I have an N95, and if I leave mirggi idling in the background, and at some point reorient the screen, when i come back to mirggi, i am looking at the top of the channel. Once that happens, the only way to get the client to work correctly is to restart it.

So basically, it could use some tweaking when it comes to coping with screen redraws...


Kevin (anon, 03.06.2007 15.37)

Hi, I'm probably being a newb here but how do I get a list of nicks in the channel. I'm used to using /names in irssi


Mikko Linnalo (anon, 05.06.2007 10.30)

Backup&restore functionality for S60 3rd edition devices. Now when user creates backup of phone content to memory card or PC before e.g. reflashing the phone, mIRGGI is not included in this backup. This is common problem as people are usually not aware that this has to be defined for each application, instructions how to do this can be found from http://forum.nokia.com/document/Forum_Nokia_Technical_Library/contents/FNTL/S60_platform_How_to_enable_backup_and_restore_for_installed_Cpp_applications.htm

Avatara (anon, 12.06.2007 15.54)

commands on connect something like /msg nickserv identify password after connecting to irc server

sm0ke (anon, 28.06.2007 20.16)

windows 1255 would be nice if implemented, and a variety of other charsets.

Neutrino (anon, 13.07.2007 08.41)

You have asked if it makes sense to implement other charsets. I was surprised that mine, latin2 was not at all on the list, however there are a couple people here in Central-Eastern Europe that use this. It would be nice if you could add it (iso-8859-2 or Windows latin 2, that is 1250) Thanks for your efforts!

mirggi (13.07.2007 10.36)

Windows-1250 is now implemented in version 0.4.5 which is out now.

swsr (anon, 27.07.2007 17.54)

How do you choose an access point? I couldn't find that option. :(

Tok (anon, 13.08.2007 19.43)

It would be nice if the client would understand notice-, action- and coulored-events. Name list would be nice too

Elroy (anon, 16.08.2007 05.56) kotisivu

it would be nice to have a nickname list, so you don't have to scroll to top to see the nicknames

Elroy (anon, 16.08.2007 06.01)

It would also be nice to have mirc collors into mirggi so you can see the topic on the channel with te given collors (and not the number of the collor)

And perhaps an easier way to close a private window through menu

i think mirggi will be the best irc program for my n95 (currently i'm using jmirc.. but it sucks. i have no other options with mirggi it always scrols to top i can't chat properly with my nokia n95. I hope there will be soon an update with the problems fixed)

sie (anon, 23.08.2007 18.33)


elroy (anon, 10.09.2007 03.02)

hello is it also possible for you guys to modify this a bit so that it could run on windows mobile 6 (i have 2 phones and i would like to have this one also on my other phone too)

Henrik (anon, 10.09.2007 10.04)

Saved profiles for different servers?

sph (anon, 15.09.2007 11.04)

Could there be a static download link which always points to the newest version? Or at least information how to get easily the newest version out of mosh via mobile browser.

There is a link on mirggi.net but it is not usually pointing at the very very latest one - actually right now it points to nowhere.

mirggi (17.09.2007 00.32)

From now on I'll put the files to two locations: the versioned filename and also http://mIRGGI.net/mIRGGI.sisx and http://mIRGGI.net/mIRGGI_2nd.sis. So if your browser doesn't over-cache stuff (like Firefox seems to do), you can always get the newest version from those URLs.

sergeym (anon, 17.09.2007 18.48)

nick list is very good , but it can be more functional : clicking on user name in list should call additional menu , for example : "private message , whois , kick , ban . op , deop .... etc " :) it would be much more convinient than writing commands.

mirggi (17.09.2007 19.21)

Yes, nick list will have whois, kick, query etc commands. I just wanted to have some kind of a version out now and make it better in the future.

rawl (anon, 18.09.2007 19.20)

Possible to add vibration as alert as well? (preferrably configurable so you could have sound only, vibration only, sound + vibration or none at all)

Would also be good to get alert on certain highlight strings instead of just on private message.

beecher (anon, 19.09.2007 11.53)

+1 for vibrations.

I would also like to have possibility to sound/vibrate, when mIRGGI is not active and I get any type of message (channel, private)...

Mikko Linnalo (anon, 20.09.2007 01.09)

- I'd like to see the text box to automaticly activate when I start writing on channel, now I have to press the selection key before writing anything
- I also would like to see the coloured dots on top right corner (representing the channels) to be more visible some way, I don't exactly how to do this but those are quite small which makes them quite useless atleast for people with poor sight
- Links are now copied to clipboard, why not open them directly to browser?
- I see you separated the settings into 3 categories. This could be more user friendly if you just kept 1 Settings-item in options-menu and separate the settings into tabs, that way user can move between different categories by navigating sideways with joystick
- For some reason the soft keys are not shown in my E90, is this done on purpose for some odd reason I can't figure out :)
- Links are not recognized as links if they don't start with http://, could the recognizition be updated to list links starting with www. also?
- And then also 1 feature request for a far future versions (tons of work)... setting up access point groups and prioritize them so user could roam between WLAN and GPRS automaticly.

PS. Excellent app already even though I listed a ton of things... I have too much imagination I guess :)

dalhoff (anon, 26.10.2007 09.44) kotisivu

would be nice with thir feature since im a security freak. And all my channels use it

Juustro (anon, 12.11.2007 00.48)


In active channels is annoy to follow the text and see if someone has said anything to you.

+ Some things for hilights like this word uses sound and so on.

arhimed (anon, 13.12.2007 18.05) kotisivu

some debugging info (off/on in menu) that shows what is going on during connection

disable "standby" (off/on in menu)

accept invalid ssl certificate (off/on in menu)

btw, 10x 4 the gr8 app

Juustro (anon, 05.01.2008 00.16)

What is difference between fp0,fp1 and fp2,fp3 clients?

Dustin Perdue (anon, 23.01.2008 07.45) kotisivu

I am a totally blind Nokia E61 user, using talks from www.nuonce.com/talks/ to read the phone's screen via speech output.
I tried to use MIrggi, and everything is very easy to use out of the box, except for the fact that Talks can not track the chat log at all. I can type to a channel, but can't read anything other than the channel's MOTD once I've joined it.
I'm not sure how the log is technically layed out, although I have successfully used IMPlus from www.shapeservices.de, which uses a standard read only edit box which Talks has no trouble reading. Using the up and down cursor on the phone, I can read through the message log in IMPlus. Typing anything on the keyboard takes focus to the input window, and pressing enter sends a message and returns to the message log.

I'd really love to use this program, as it is so far the best one I've found for s60v3.
I've tried a couple of j2me clients, but I've never found one that's stable and actually does things properly.

I also know of some other blind s60v3+Talks users who would be interested in using this program as well.

Darn (anon, 02.02.2008 21.36)

Vote for blowfish.

Winged (anon, 08.02.2008 11.55) kotisivu

1. The list of users at the left, instead of on the centre
2. Autoattempts at connection
3. An original background as pictures
4. The greater choice of fonts, Russian it is desirable:)

And on Russian it is possible to write? Will understand? Phone N70

shoorik (anon, 29.02.2008 13.10)

Need UIQ3 build.

Kian Ryan (anon, 08.03.2008 00.34) kotisivu

Multiple sizes for the window status boxes in the top right. It's a great idea (grey, green, red) but it's also rather small on my E61. A "large" option would make this feature more convenient.

Tomasz_U (anon, 28.03.2008 08.34) kotisivu

ISO-8859-2/Latin-2 in mIRGGI - PLEAS

Asti (anon, 02.04.2008 13.06)

Feature that enables teaching new words for T9.

Badi (anon, 07.04.2008 03.24)

anyone know how to set firewall settings?
I am using wlan on N95. My school network is using proxy. So.... Plz tell me how to do it.

factor (anon, 22.04.2008 23.49) kotisivu

Make it Open Source that would rock.
A Lot more addons would be made if this where so. Anyone know of a open source irc chat
for Symbian. Also, I have not been
able to get anything past 0.2b to work on my Nokia E62. Anyone know what the the latest version that will work on this model? If it was open source, more people would be able to compile, and modify it to work on more phones models I would imagine.

Nooti (anon, 29.07.2008 11.40)

Must have traffic counter!

Burner23 (anon, 03.12.2008 10.52) kotisivu

Hey, I'd love to see the possibility to put a default accesspoint/accessgroup in a configuration. Possibly for each connection.
thx in advance


Rudolf Hess (anon, 30.12.2008 19.06)

Port to UIQ3 would be nice.

awa[x] (anon, 31.12.2008 00.35)

- AUTO RECONNECTION [very needed for unstable mobile gprs/3g connection]
- CALLING FOR NICKNAME [auto pasting to editbox from nicklist]
- Sound when private is starting!
- Closing support for a status window.

There is no happynes with out this. Tnks.

fernando (anon, 08.01.2009 03.21) kotisivu

Can you please make a 5800/s60v5 port? Thanks. :)

Ville (anon, 22.01.2009 20.22) kotisivu

Yeah, 5800XM 5.0th edtion touch support would be higly appreciated. Mirggi might be the first touch enabled native irc-client for s60 ;)

bizaflare (anon, 09.03.2009 05.16)

highlights for custom keywords - perhaps even with different sounds or vibrations?

would be great :)

Richard (anon, 13.07.2009 01.24)

Just tried 0.63 on a Nokia E51. Please can the program NOT add "irc." to the front of an IRC host as I'm using one that doesn't have that prefix.
Alternatively, if auto prefixing "irc." then also add it to the Server field so it can be deleted manually.

vedran (anon, 06.08.2009 18.28)

Nick list: it would be nice to have @ and + next to the ops or users with voice. I would also like to be able to sort the names either by name or status (ops first, then voice and then the rest). There could be an option to add new commands to the nick list menu, or at least change the slap text :D
Channel messages: same thing, I would like @ and + next to the name (for example hh:mm @<nickname> message).
Nick completion: how about using right cursor (joystick)? You start typing the name and push right, there is no text at the right so it doesn't scroll, but instead it tries to complete the name?

vedran (anon, 06.08.2009 18.46)

Oh, and keyboard shortcuts, we absolutely need to have those! At least for most used commands, like Close window or Show nick list

MahZi (anon, 08.09.2009 15.54)

font size is too small
it would be nice if we could change font size

mohaned sayegh (anon, 08.02.2010 09.10)

How about making mIRGGI accessible? Like adding the ability to read events and messages through nokia TTS or making thewindow text available with the talks screen reader for symbian.

Barami (anon, 04.03.2010 14.14)

Hello, I'm korean and using symbian.
I want IRC client for symbian, and i founded mIRGGI..
But it don't support euc-kr or cp949 charset.

HanIRC is korean irc server. that's encoding is euc-kr.
So i can't use hanirc with mIRGGI..

Please support euc-kr encoding.

Babar (anon, 22.06.2010 08.21) kotisivu

hey, i was overjoyed to see that there is an application to connect to irc rite from my fone, but when i installed it in my Nokia 5630 XpressMusic (latest firmware). It isn't connecting it says
Connecting to server....
Disconnected from Server

Can any body help me to connect it, please i will appreciate on a prompt response guys.

Regards :)

SiN (anon, 23.07.2010 16.27)

hide join feature should be there

peg (anon, 01.08.2010 00.26)

i really like to run this app on my symbian 6 (nokia 5530) but it gives me certificate error and wont fix with the way u recommended

simar (anon, 02.09.2010 23.07)

nick completion is a must add feature..
some handy key can be assigned to it... probably there can be a setting for this .. or ctrl key in nokia E series.. or forward navigation key .. and full screen are most important features..

John Little (anon, 27.11.2010 16.36)

Autoreconnect, please.

Czishard (anon, 23.12.2010 01.54)

It could be a very good idea to add a button to send text at the right of the text line (I can't send text in my Nokia X6 because X6 has no OK button in the case. I can switch between windows with Volume button but I can't send text).

Nokia-Lover (anon, 20.01.2011 18.51)

It would be really great if you could include FISH encryption :)

spritzstuhler (anon, 22.07.2011 15.55) kotisivu

enter or ok button would be nice to have. i cant send any text to the channel, cause of lack of real keys on my full touchscreen nokia x6-00 16gb handy, the version i was using was mirgi 0.63 thanks in advance

tisi (anon, 12.10.2011 12.26)

how about a convinient way to switch between channels? "join channel" does not work
you will always see the last channel joined. And i couldnt figure out how to switch between them - a touch friendly menu item for that would be brilliant. also i had the app terminating every now and then. (n8 symbian anna)

Kolmas (anon, 21.11.2011 21.30)

It would be really great if youd make it work for nokia N9. There are no alternatives atm (with auto commands ex). So please think about it.

Rakan (anon, 21.01.2012 18.27)

I use the application on nokia x6, i cant find the way to send what i type. Can you please help

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