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Pre-v0.4.7 released with polyglottism

27.07.2007 18.12 - mobiili 

I've released a pre-version of 0.4.7 which has only a language selection added at the moment. The menus don't work so don't mind them :)

3rd edition
2nd edition

Please correct all errors in languages and submit more translations. Especially Estonian is probably quite buggy since I don't really speak it, but had to try...

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Translation table, please help

26.07.2007 14.43 - mobiili 

Don't send any more translations yet! I will try to get all strings out and into a text file that you can translate and send back. That way it'll be a lot easier than to type the texts here.

Here are some of the strings in the software. If you want to help in translating, please add a comment and tell me which language it is and which string is which. I'll update this table with the strings and new translatable things as they come up. I'll handle Finnish myself :)

I'm naturally also interested in languages not in this table (German, French, Polish, whatever), so please send translations in any language you know.

DisconnectРазъединитьKoppla frånSulje yhteys
Copy textКопировать текстKopiera textKopioi tekstiä
Paste textВставить текстKlistra in textLiitä tekstiä
About mIRGGIО программеOm mIRGGITietoja mIRGGIstä
Join channelЗайти на каналGå in i kanalenLiity kanavalle
Close windowЗакрыть окноStäng fönstretSulje ikkuna
New channelНовый каналNy kanalUusi kanava
Resolving server address...Selvitetään palvelimen osoitetta...
Connecting to server...Соединение с сервером...Yhdistetään palvelimeen...
Do you want to quit?Vill du avsluta mIRGGI?Haluatko poistua ohjelmasta?
X joined channel YX liittyi kanavalle Y
X left channel YX poistui kanavalta Y
X signed offX poistui
Connected to serverYhteys palvelimeen saatu
Disconnected from serverYhteys palvelimeen katkennut
Input new nickAnna uusi nimimerkki
X is now known as YX on nyt nimimerkiltään Y
X set the topic to YX asetti otsikoksi Y
RealnameOikea nimi
Quit messagePoistumisviesti
Font sizeKirjasinkoko
Character setMerkistö
Use T9?Använda T9?Käytä T9:ä?

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25.07.2007 15.10 - mobiili 

I'm currently tidying up the code so that I can add translations to mIRGGI. I'll post the used text strings here when finished and if someone wants to translate them to another language, I can add it to the installation package.

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Version 0.4.6 out

23.07.2007 11.28 - mobiili 

I have just released v0.4.6. It will hopefully fix some more problems with the scrolling issue and also it contains KOI8-R and KOI8-U character sets. 2nd Edition version is also functional.

3rd Edition version
2nd Edition version

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Version 0.4.5 out

13.07.2007 10.34 - mobiili 

I've just released v0.4.5 for both 3rd edition and 2nd edition. I have not thoroughly tested the 2nd edition version, so please tell me if it doesn't work.

The changes in this version include fixing the problem with rotating the screen, scrolls always to the bottom when changing windows and inclusion of some new character sets (Windows-1250/European, Windows-1255/Hebrew, Windows-1256/Arabic and Windows-1258/Vietnamese).

2nd edition version seems to be broken, DON'T UPGRADE YET!

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