mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.4.6 out

23.07.2007 11.28 - mobiili 

I have just released v0.4.6. It will hopefully fix some more problems with the scrolling issue and also it contains KOI8-R and KOI8-U character sets. 2nd Edition version is also functional.

3rd Edition version
2nd Edition version



m0n9oose (anon, 23.07.2007 20.40) kotisivu

hello. It great stuff! But when i try translate it on russian, i was disappointed, it doesn't work :( plz, help me translate it. I hope that developer will see it, because if this app will bring in russian, that made it most popular. Best regards, m0n9oose. P.s. I'm sorry for mistakes, my english is not well :)

Propulsion (anon, 24.07.2007 23.14)

This version has same scrolling problem than earlier versions on my E90. This would be absolutely the best irc-software for E90, but this problem makes it unusable for me:(

pheno (anon, 25.07.2007 13.34)

what kind of scrolling problem ?

pp (anon, 25.07.2007 18.52)

auto scroll dont work good in n95.. 30min max the scroll pop up first line

Propulsion (anon, 25.07.2007 21.14)

Pheno: Same problem than pp has in his N95. When channel window is full of text, it scrolls to the top of the page every time new line appears.

pp (anon, 26.07.2007 17.39)

/clear help scroll problem

4epTeH0K (anon, 27.07.2007 12.02) kotisivu

Mirggi 0.4.6 OS60 2nd program is shutdown sometimes on Nokia N70.

Propulsion (anon, 27.07.2007 12.04)

pp: Helps how? You mean that everytime page becomes full you type /clear? I consider that now help at all, just more typingwork...

betax (anon, 09.08.2007 15.34)

just updated couple of versions newer edition
and it is still crashing (N80ie) when entering BASE IRC character # to autowindows...

game1 (anon, 22.08.2007 22.09)

when i connect to server then disconnect and
say about that mail foo@bar.com.. qnet don't
like that mail.. how i can change that?

AdWords Ads (anon, 06.06.2022 20.49) kotisivu

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