mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Cert update / v0.64

01.09.2010 09.38 -

Okay, I released v0.64 for 2nd/2nd2/5th and updated the cert on the 3rd. Why no 0.64 for 3rd? Because the SDK won't compile the binary with a newer compiler and I don't have an older one and since it's GCC and Nokia and stuff, you know the drill. Maybe I'll get it working someday. But at least mIRGGI should install directly from the URLs.



Sjors (anon, 01.09.2010 16.46)

Hi there,

I'm using mIRGGI 0.63 on my E72 and I want to report that it can't open a query window if the user has the same name as the channel. And it crashes a lot:/ I don't know the reason, this is what i get on my crash monitor: Panic: 9, USER.

simar (anon, 02.09.2010 21.08)

hey, i thank you very much as i need a irc client but i'm getting a certificate expired error when trying to install it in E63. i have downloaded 0.63 from the official site and i can't find any link to 0.64 ..

Someone (anon, 03.09.2010 13.48)

@ simar:
I had the same problem. Try changing the date on your phone to 2009 before installing.

Mike (anon, 03.09.2010 22.31) kotisivu

Still getting the same error as in the previous version. I just can't connect to any server. q.q

Please check on my comments on the previous blog entry to see what I mean. It's getting really annoying by now. I mean, you made this awesome piece of software everyone seems so excited about and I've always been looking for an IRC client for my phone anyway, so I downloaded it, not expecting too much..., and got nothing. :(

yajo (anon, 07.09.2010 14.22)

trying to connect a ssl site
telling "mirggi not support"
then auto quit

Marioysikax (anon, 14.09.2010 11.37) kotisivu

Mitä eroa 0.64 versioon?

goldren (anon, 14.09.2010 20.01) kotisivu

Please make mIRGGI for Symbian^3 =)

dreck (anon, 16.09.2010 22.52)

hi there folks. i feel kinda dumb as i cant send the text to the channel or aniwhere since theres no ok or enter button. oh im using 5230 its touch. everything makes me think its compatipable with touch im just lacking concentration.

aju (anon, 23.09.2010 15.23)

When symbian^3 out somebody should start to make new IRC client by Qt. Check qt.nokia.com

iita (anon, 23.09.2010 17.19)

olen nyt pari päivää yrittänyt käyttää mIRGGIä Nokia e72:lla, mutta en saa sitä edes käynnistettyä. Ohjelman lataamisessa ei ole ongelmia, mutta sen avaaminen ei onnistu millään ilveellä. Mistä tämä voisi johtua?

iita (anon, 23.09.2010 22.11)

Nevermind. Väärä versio.

jake (anon, 06.10.2010 00.05)

latauslinkkisivut eivät toimi!

Jimm (anon, 06.10.2010 03.53)

will there be a client for touch phones?
i have the new Nokia N8, the S60 5th version wors on it, but the N8 has no OK Button to send the text ;)

(anon, 11.10.2010 22.37)

mirggi_063.sisx sanoi "Varmenne ei ole enää voimassa", ja Ovi valitti virhekoodia 2153775105.

Täytyy siis vain odotella seuraavaa 3rd edition päivitystä 6210 naville.

Dipso (anon, 14.10.2010 13.57)

I would love some buttons for touch phones, a simple send button and window navigation buttons would do for now. (maby just make it so that clicking the wind indicator switches between open windows.)

Dipso (anon, 14.10.2010 14.00)

Oh, and to those using touch at the moment. just add enter at the end of your sentance to send to channel.


Jere (anon, 14.10.2010 20.36)

Mirggi works fine with N8.

And for mirggi + n8 combination:
When you write message, left side of backspace is enter and it sends the message ;D

Kolmas (anon, 15.10.2010 22.27)

Seems it is (was) the best (only) working irc client for 3rd edition phones... and now even that is not working :(
sad, very sad.

Kromme (anon, 19.10.2010 14.21)

Hi there, I've got mIRGGI running on my N97-1, works perfect! Only one or two things I miss, a nicklist in sight (which is no problem actually), but there is no nick completion.. That bugs me, I love mIRGGI for my phone, but the lack of a nick completion is a huge minor.. I don't mean to break your software down, I love it tbh.. Plus, thanks for filling the space I missed on my N97-1 :D

Keep up the good work, I'll have a look for some support.


mizer (anon, 24.10.2010 21.34)

mulla sama kun yajolla synIRCkkiin ei pääse :/

Sjors (anon, 28.10.2010 06.15)

I'm using mIRGGi on my E72 and about the crashes i mentioned before: its a color issue. When someone uses ctrl k + number and presses enter without any text the program crashes immediately.

need help ASAP (anon, 03.11.2010 13.24)

hi im using nokia 5530 xpress music. Its touch everything. Does anyone have any idea how to switch between tabs and windows? For 15 minutes i tried touching everywhere in the screen but i couldnt find anything :/ any idea? Please answer

jamez (anon, 05.11.2010 15.42) kotisivu

please fix ssl support for e63, need it very very much. mirggi is a great irc client ever tried. thanks a lot.

Mikko (anon, 14.11.2010 13.33)


thanks for this nice IRC client! It seems to work like a charm on my C5-00.

Lusiyan (anon, 14.11.2010 18.30)

Plz. add new encoding type. euc-kr

fantomas (anon, 19.11.2010 11.50) kotisivu

I have installed 0.64 but it seems to eat battery even faster than 0.63. I have E52 (newest firmware) and after about 3 hours my newly charged battery must be recharged again :-(

Joonas (anon, 23.11.2010 22.03)

I'm not sure am i in a right place, but this is what i'd like to know:

I've just installed the 3rd edition and would like to connect to a server, which address is: irc://irc.gamesurge.net/gww
How do i do that? All i get when connecting is SysError: -5120
The channel doesn't require a password or a registered account...

Joonas (anon, 23.11.2010 22.03)

I'm not sure am i in a right place, but this is what i'd like to know:

I've just installed the 3rd edition and would like to connect to a server, which address is: irc://irc.gamesurge.net/gww
How do i do that? All i get when connecting is SysError: -5120
The channel doesn't require a password or a registered account...

Panagiotis (anon, 26.11.2010 10.12) kotisivu

Hi there! I 've installed the v0.64 (3rd edition) on Nokia E66 and works great. I had previously tried the 5th edition but didn 't work out. Keep the good work!
Πολλά φιλιά from Greece,

ajuu (anon, 18.12.2010 21.29) kotisivu

if someone want to develop irc client by Qt, check this https://sourceforge.net/projects/nochatmobile/

vsaar (anon, 28.12.2010 16.19)

Logging should be started automatically. Now I have to start it manually every time, so guess how many times I have forgot to do that...

George (anon, 28.12.2010 23.18)

I can't write messages with my Nokia 5230. Can anyone help me?

Shuriuken (anon, 04.01.2011 06.22)

I love this client, used it on all my nokias, except my N8. Is there going to be a release for symbian ^3? or is the API just way too different to successfully make a working port? would really love to use this on my N8!

p0pa (anon, 11.02.2011 16.48) kotisivu


First of all - congrats for the great application!

I'm using mIRGGI 0.64 on my Nokia E71 but I have a problem with SSL. When I try to connect to a SSL server the message "Feature not supported" appears and it can't connect.

Kolmas (anon, 14.02.2011 15.57)

Just turn your phone date back a couple of years and install. After install set the date back again and it works nice, even on N8

mpbeicho (anon, 23.02.2011 19.34)

hello. am using mirggi v0.64 its work fine and luv it! but black color background and white color text killing my eyes.. so does anyone know how to change the background color and all .. thnks

yep (anon, 24.02.2011 12.22)

Settings has color options that can be changed easily

Ilgaz (anon, 24.02.2011 19.34)

why don't you release on ovi store, perhaps add a rational price for it? It will end certificate issues for sure and you will let people to support you.

steve (anon, 30.03.2011 19.17)

im using new v0.64 on my nokia N8..it connects fine to most servers,unless the server requires ssl auth.
all i get is SysError:-5120
can anyone shed any light on this?cheers steve

mustafa (anon, 02.04.2011 07.57)

Hi there, any updates on a Symbian ^3 release ? Is it something in plan / works ?

Tamás (anon, 11.04.2011 23.03) kotisivu

hi! I am using it on nokia c5-00. Ytasks' crash monitor shows: type panic, exit reason 11

Herwood (anon, 13.04.2011 14.33)

App ei yhdistä serverille. En usko, että puhelimen internetyhteys on asetettu oikein. Ongelmana että ei ole olemassa asetuksia yhteyden säätämiseksi.. Nokia C6 on app.managers josta voi säätää asetuksia, mutta mirggin kohdalla vaihtoehtoa ei ole.. joten ei toimi :-C

kai (anon, 10.05.2011 16.05)

Thanks for this great app.

Works on Nokia 58800XM (S60 5th) and Nokia E7 (Symbian^3).

thelostway (anon, 15.05.2011 02.21) kotisivu

Trying to help a friend of mine get this working on her phone. We finally got it working, but we can't switch between windows. She has a Nokia 5230 nuron which is running S60v5 but it's all touch. no right or left button to switch screen like the main page suggests. Any ideas?

fosforas (anon, 20.05.2011 07.38)

hi, i am using irc on my nokia 5230 symbian 5th... I have a problem, i cant send a msg. My phone has touchscreen ,it dont has keyboard, so i doesnt understand how to send a msg. Please help.

Rappid (anon, 25.05.2011 22.37)

Hi app works fine connecting is easy, only problem is my phone have a touchscreen so cant switch between channels

Rappid (anon, 25.05.2011 22.39)

Found it!
People use your VOLUME key''s on the side of your phone, now you can switch channels!

fosforas (anon, 28.05.2011 20.14)

thanks Rappid but one more problem is left. i cant send message...

fosforas (anon, 28.05.2011 20.47)

found it. i just needed to write enter at the end :)

pedro (anon, 16.06.2011 08.55)

don't understand what do you mean by enter. I connect, write "/nickserv identify **** enter" ? Is that it? Doesn't work. Or do i have to use a symbol? Nokia X6 here

pedro (anon, 16.06.2011 09.02)

:p pressing enter,using the qwerty keyboard

jack (anon, 27.06.2011 20.40)

works great on my n8 could you please add a way to switch windows as there are no physical keys on the phone. Good Job on the software and thanks

Vader (anon, 26.08.2011 19.57)

Works fine on Nokia N8 too
only thing is switching from channel to channel :) have to do it with the virtual key program. hope somtimes u will bring an update we can switch by wipe on the screen :)

Vader again :P (anon, 26.08.2011 20.00)

i read some comments and i found that i can switch with the volume buttons on N8 too :D great work.

hatalar205 (anon, 11.09.2011 00.32)

I just want to inform that this program works well on Nokia E6 Symbian Anna. And I want to thank you much for this useful program. Good job and go on please !

headrush (anon, 24.09.2011 15.48)

Is development been abandoned? Will you intergrate fish encryption into the next build if any?

Aleksandar (anon, 25.09.2011 14.47)

This is the best irc client for Symbian, I hope you will continue with development, or go open-source

nyuszika7h (anon, 08.10.2011 18.06) kotisivu

@Tamás ez valószínűleg memóriafelosztási hiba, a mIRGGI tiltott memóriaterülethez próbált hozzáférni / this is most likely a segmentation fault, mIRGGI tried to access a memory segment it didn't have access to

srk3461 (anon, 12.10.2011 16.39)

Ur'e an life saver.. Thanks allot dude!!
works fine on my 5233!
Hope u make the text input box a bit bigger!!

Tuomas (anon, 12.10.2011 21.57)

mIRGGI 0.64 quits after disconnect if "keepalive (s)" is set to something else than 0. My phone is C5-00 with S60 3rd edition, Feature Pack 2. This problem was also with 6121c so guess it is a bigger problem with S60 3rd version?

Symbiatch (anon, 23.10.2011 18.52)

Sending message works by pressing enter (or with the ITU-T keypad press 0 three times to get enter)

Channel switching works via volume keys.

Hope this helps!

Kolmas (anon, 15.11.2011 19.18)

Any chance You make it work for N9?

tkp (anon, 22.02.2012 13.51)

How to scroll channel windows up/down on N8 with Belle? Changing channels works with volume buttons but can't find anyway to scroll up/down. Also typing is very laggy, tapping screen for input works maybe one time from ten.

V (anon, 10.04.2012 23.46)

I have a N8, but i have problem. How can I write something in this program? I touch every button and the whole screen but I still dont find how to message... So sad :(

pb0 (anon, 24.05.2012 10.37)

Excellent Client, works well :)

Btw it would be a good thing to integrate fish encryption... my favorite channel need this plug :(

Blindman (anon, 01.06.2012 20.07)

Works fine with C6-01.

Mike H (anon, 17.11.2012 03.40)

Phone C5-00.2
When loading 5th edition it says.. Menu: Feature not supported.

Thanks very much for your time!!

Jeremy Atkinson (anon, 04.06.2013 01.05) kotisivu

Seems a user came into our IRC channel using an 0.64 version of mIRGGI on a Symbian phone, and was randomly getting added to private conversations (wikkedwire IRC network)
Thought I would report it, as it seemed odd, and a bit invasive. Cheers.

(anon, 19.01.2015 03.51) kotisivu

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Thunder.Bird (anon, 07.06.2017 02.15) kotisivu

Good News everyone! It works like a charm. Nearly no issues except some temporary screen garbage while reconnecting. Sometimes it doesnt see a disconnect but a reconnect if its too silent works ;) Even in the year 2017 =)

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