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08.02.2010 10.16 - mobiili ohjelmointi 

I know, I've been quiet, the certificate is old and the source isn't available. I do apologize. I currently don't even have a machine that would have a working system for compiling mIRGGI, since Carbide sucks, the SDKs suck and Nokia doesn't care about compatibility. You know, the Symbian SDK emulators crash on most people on Win7. It's not like Nokia'd have had time to test them and fix the problems (since they knew they crash on Vista and they barely work on XP). And I'm saying Nokia, because they own Symbian. I'm not letting them use any more of this "it's not our fault, it's Symbian's" stuff.

So I'll try to get the certificate thingy fixed by compiling new versions and the source up somewhere so the interested parties can take a look. Beware: no comments. But that's normal, right?

I'm horribly busy with my studies and stressed out. If you want to cheer me up, send me a plain old postcard. That would be so nice. The address is:

Sami Kuhmonen
Suovatie 18A
FI-01660 Vantaa

But please, no pipe bombs or anything like that. Thanks!

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