mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Bug reports

11.04.2007 09.35 - mobiili 

Please report all bugs found here as comments. Report the version used and the problem as accurately as you can (devices tested etc).

Currently known open issues

Currently no known issues on this list, though there are some. I'll update this list after 0.5 is out.

Fixed issues

N73, N80, N93 crashes when trying to use special characters in settings. Doesn't happen with E61 or emulator.
Fixed in 0.4.90
/msg nick something crashes
Fixed in v0.4.4
Kick reason had a : character in front
Fixed in v0.4.2
Screen flicker when channel activity on another channel
Fixed in v0.4.2
T9 and channel activity won't work
Fixed in v0.4
/part or /leave without any parameters may crash
Fixed in v0.4, without parameters will leave the current channel
When typing text and another window has activity, the window might change and typed text goes to wrong channel
Fixed in v0.4
When connecting with autojoin, screen flashes quite a bit
Fixed in v0.4
Input box is not always high enough to fit text with different font sizes
Fixed in v0.4
Port number isn't always saved in settings
Fixed in v0.4
Password isn't always saved in settings
Fixed in v0.3.2



boyko (anon, 11.04.2007 13.49) kotisivu

plz make colorized style as mIRC-style? timestamp and onchannel list of users.

Shrike (anon, 11.04.2007 21.24)

Nokia N80 is missing a few pixels (2-4) from the bottom of the input line. Enough to make it hard to distinguish between similar letters like opg.

Trof (anon, 14.04.2007 10.16)

Why not connect to psybnc server?

milzer (anon, 15.04.2007 20.23)

Application gets stuck in copy mode. When selecting some text and then pressing LSK leaves the app in copy mode with copy/cancel soft keys and it doesn't respond to any key presses and it cannot be killed from task manager.

This happened 3 times out of 4 in N73.

Symbiatch (15.04.2007 21.46)

The copy/paste problem was fixed, thanks for noticing. I didn't increase the version number yet, the newest package is 30412 bytes, make sure you get that version from the server.

lyttinen (anon, 16.04.2007 14.31)

Phone: N95
Version: 0.41
#1 Everytime when new message arrives to channel the window scrolls to top. So in order to read the message you have to scroll down. After there is lot of messages this gets pretty tedious and frustrating.
#2 won't update window with new messages unless I change to other window and then come back.

suckho (anon, 16.04.2007 18.29)

copy/paste cannot handle multiple lines when selecting and copying text from a one channel to another.

encoding windows 1254 (anon, 16.04.2007 19.47)

pls add encoding windows1254 to mirggi. Cuz we don't see some Turkish characters (we are living in Turkey)

Symbiatch (17.04.2007 10.34)

Copy&paste doesn't handle multiple lines, yes. I'll add this to requested features.

Windows 1254 will be added to the list too.

Thomas (anon, 19.04.2007 01.47)

The password setting is ignored or not functioning as it should

It doesn't seem that the client sends the PASS command at all, at least not before it sends the NICK and USER commands.

When a password is set in the settings, it should send the PASS when it connects, followed by the NICK and USER commands.

Sorry for posting this in the feature requests page first (and for e-mailing you about it too:P)

Thomas (anon, 19.04.2007 01.56)

Just wanted you to know that I have Nokia N95 (V 15-03-07 RM-159 Nokia N95 (03.01)), and I do not experience neither of the problems "lyttinen" are describing.

I use mIRGGI v0.4.1.

Ville Turpeinen (anon, 20.04.2007 17.40)

"Nokia N80 is missing a few pixels (2-4) from the bottom of the input line. Enough to make it hard to distinguish between similar letters like opg."

Nokia E70 is also missing some pixels from the bottom. Note that both E70 and N80 use same 2,1" 352x416 displays

sph (anon, 22.04.2007 11.00)

"/msg nick" crashes mirggi every time on newest version.

Using 0.4.3 with irssi bouncer and E61i.

Any known problems when using with bouncer/proxy?

Could it help on this phase to have option to enable logging the crashes?

Jari (anon, 24.04.2007 16.21) kotisivu

With N95 & 0.4.3, when adding a word to T9 dictionary the screen gets cleared but recovers after sending the message.

And also, it's possible to close msg windows?

When using irssi proxy, right after connecting the client opens a chat window to itself. So it's like chatting with yourself. This happens with every client I've tested so far. It's probably irssi's problem, but it would be nice to have it fixed. It's just few lines of code right ;)

And the password field is visible.

ShV (anon, 30.04.2007 01.41) kotisivu

Please, add nickserv identify password in automatically. Very need.

Emir (anon, 22.05.2007 19.25)

Every time when i try to connect to irc.krstarica.com or irc.serbiancafe.ws or any other application says disconnected from server. Why?

Toni Popovic (anon, 01.06.2007 19.24)

0.4.4b and E65 issue with the white typing row being in the middle of the screen so some chat is left under it.
It disappears when scrolling one up and one down again (it leaves the latest chat row in half), but reappears when typing or scrolling one up and TWO down (the latest row becomes full).
The typing box on the bottom of the screen is useless now because all of the typing happens in the middle of the screen.

Also some occasional flickering occurs.

sph (anon, 08.06.2007 12.17)

When using with irssi-bouncer, the open channel windows are opened in mirggi when connecting but the open query windows do not appear.

When opening a query window on mirggi it is created as it should but it does not show the next time you connec to bouncer.

Is this irssi-specific stuff?

(anon, 22.07.2007 11.53)

Nokia E50, mIRGGI 0.4.5:

crash, when I try to use a | from "special characters" (*) in "settings" (nickname,username,...)

Sayed (anon, 28.07.2007 13.58)

hi, im using nokia e90
The problem is i cannt do a private chat with any of the online users
Please enlight me

Tege (anon, 31.07.2007 18.47)

When i join example #muropaketti where is lot of dudes. The screen wil not scroll automatic down.

Phone is E90. Big screen work by the way fine.

Kun joinaan #muropaketti-kanavalle jossa on paljon porukkaa niin ei automaattisesti scrollaa alaspäin uusimpaan viestiin mutta pienemmät kanavat toimivat missä Users-lista ei täytä koko ruutua.

Puhelimena E90.

Tege (anon, 31.07.2007 18.55)

Chr-key not work on E90.

Spesiaalikirjaimet eivät toimi E90. Eli Chr-näppis ei sano mitään.

Elroy (anon, 11.08.2007 18.15) kotisivu

when i'm chatting on a channel the window starts automaticly scrolling to the top, you can't chat properly. I'm using 0.4.6 on my nokia n95.

is it possible to see the collors in a channel and not the colornumer like []8,4

beecher (anon, 16.08.2007 20.34)

E61, mIRGGI v. 0.4.7
mIRGGI crashes (disappears) when I try Options -> Join channel -> #mIRGII.

Ondrej (anon, 20.08.2007 14.58)

hi have installed mirggi but it does not start. right after connection with the server it crashes down. i am using it on E61i. does anyone have an idea what is wrong? wrong configuration may be?

beecher (anon, 21.08.2007 23.10)

mIRGGI v. 0.4.7 on E61:
1. I´m unable to close any chat window.
2. Copy/Paste is little bit difficult to use -> too much steps
3. Autojoin doesn´t work. It seems I´m connected to channel, but other people don´t see my messages.
4. Could you also make not to open windows for ChanServ, NickServ and with my nickname? Put responses from these to mIRGGI window...
5. Put the topic of channel to window title bar.
6. Commands I sent are shown nowhere. Put them to mIRGGI window.


Árpád (anon, 25.08.2007 06.45)

My bug with 4.8 is that after downloading it simply doesn't start on my nokia5500. I didn't have such line of a problem with the v.4.6 previously used and so far successfully deleted.so now I dont use any of the versions.it also might be the problem with the phone.thx for help

(anon, 06.09.2007 21.24)

Nokia 6120, 0.4.90

Join channel option is only available in the settings screen and it doesn't do anything

mirggi (08.09.2007 13.58)

Mode changes on yourself, messages from chanserv/nickserv etc should be shown in the server window in 0.4.91 (soon to be released)

Tok (anon, 12.09.2007 21.04)

When i'm writing a message and someone says something at any channel the client removes part of text that i am writing :O

Árpi (anon, 15.09.2007 20.57)

5500 7.93b doesnt connect to the server error code 7510

mirggi (15.09.2007 21.15)

-7xxx -errors are SSL errors, do you have SSL set on and the server doesn't support it?

Shadow Panther (anon, 17.09.2007 03.50)

mIRGGI 0.4.93e, Nokia E50

Works fine, but when i choose "Copy Text" from menu, I can't select any text (Pen+arrows, like everywhere else) and can't leave copy mode (menu is narrowed down to "Links" and "Exit", any other key I tried doesn't work, right softkey is "Exit"). The only solution I found so far is to close mIRGGI and run it again.

Anyways, thanks for this great app :)

Fihlvein (anon, 17.09.2007 20.10) kotisivu

When using the skin background with some themes, the skin doesn't fill the whole screen, and the lower part of the mirggi window is white. This is noticed with 2nd edition, N70.

Favi (anon, 18.09.2007 12.57) kotisivu

I has describe its on a picture:

beecher (anon, 18.09.2007 19.06)

Comment to last comment from Favi:
- The string you see are untranslated for you language (update the translation file for Russian language with new strings and send it over to Symbiatch).
- For autojoining channel, use Autojoin setting (one up to Autocommands) ;)

mirggi (18.09.2007 19.18)

Favi: Thanks, I'll do the color stripping for topics soon. Also the autocommands thingy is a bit unusable since you have to write the commands as IRC protocol commands. I'll change it to accept the /-commands mIRGGI supports soon.

And thanks for some language updates, I'll update them in 94c soon :)

Favi (anon, 21.09.2007 14.33) kotisivu

mirggi: What format should i use in Autojoin string?

I write the name of the channel in Settings->Server->Autojoin, but it creates an empty window with the such name, instead of joining to existing channel. What should I write there?

Favi (anon, 21.09.2007 14.41)

I think, Autojoin, and Autocommands is the same functions. In my desktop IRC client mIRC, i use one "Perform" string for all commands:

/join #channel
/nick *Nick
/msg nickserv identify *password
/me Hello!

Felix M. Palmen (anon, 25.11.2007 11.53) kotisivu

Version: 0.5
Device: Nokia E61 (S60 v3)
L10N: German
Reproduceable: always

Description: when trying to close a chat window from the left softkey menu, the application crashes and disappears instantly :(

Oldiesmann (anon, 12.12.2007 18.59)

A couple of issues I've had with mIRGGI on my N75:

It crashes when someone pings me
I can't get it to launch the links - I select a link and nothing happens.

arhimed (anon, 12.12.2007 22.58) kotisivu

phone: E61
trying to connect to: ezbounce using SSL (port 9999)
mirggi: v0.5.1

after i click on "connect" mirggi tells me that ssl cert is "invalid" and if i want to continue, i select "continue" and after that - it freezes - and after a while it dies (or gets killed by the system)


Miktar (anon, 04.01.2008 20.17) kotisivu

There is a problem with Query on a user that has a special character in front of their name, such as ~ specifically (channel owner): it tries to Query the entire name plus character, so "Miktar" becomes "~Miktar" which doesn't work, as "~Miktar" doesn't exist as a user.

mirggi (05.01.2008 06.40)

I wasn't aware of the ~ character, must add that to the list of removed characters.

Or actually, I should really check the server provided information since they do tell the clients nowadays what they support.

Mladen Perisic (anon, 26.01.2008 11.16)

Hi 2 all.
I'm using Nokia 6120 S60 3rd Edition and I have a problem using mIRGGI.

1st problem: When I open Settings and change something in some section (for example Volume level) and go to some other tab to change something other, (for example nick color) the Volume level resets to previous value. This apply to all settings, not just for Volume level or Nick color.

In order to solve this I must first change all settings I want on some tab and than back to Home screen. I think that this could be a bug.

2nd problem: When I connect to some server (for example zagreb.hr.eu.undernet.org on port 6667)

I am receiving message "Ident broken or disabled. Please type /QUOTE PASS 123456". Becouse I have limited time to type this, I done it quickly but nothing happens except server disconnects me becouse authorisation fails. I think that this is also a bug, becouse when I receive this message on my PC, i type what it wants and everything is ok.

Wish you the best!

Paulo Oliveira (anon, 11.02.2008 02.27)

Hi, thanks for this good app.
I'm having some connection issues.
I was using a previous version of mIRGGI (can´t tell exactly which... maybe still 0.4.xx) and without major problems) and decided some days ago to upgrade to this version, 0.56.... but I can't connect to any server. I have a Nokia N70 and my operator is Vodafone (Portugal). I don't remember which access point was being used by my previous installation, never noticed, but with this version I see that mIRGGI is trying to connect using "Vodafone Live" access point, which is a wap access... I have some other access point configured in my system but I can't make mIRGGI connect using them, for example "Vodafone Internet" access point... Neither mIRGGI asks which connection to use, and also I can´t (or don´t know how to) setup some access point as default to be used by mIRGGI.
The result is I can´t connect with this version of mIRGGI... Can you please give some help on how to solve this problem?

I think it would also be a good feature for a future version to have mRGGI ask which access point to be used.

Thanks! Keep you good work. Despite th problem I'm having with this version it is a wonderful application.

eXTZ (anon, 19.02.2008 15.53)

my mirGGI can`t connect. It only shows me that the server was resolved and it tryes to connect. it never connects actually :| it may be a carrier problem (Orange Romania) or because my N72 dosen`t supports SOCKET :-? can anyone tell me?

eXTZ (anon, 19.02.2008 15.57)

sorry 4 the spam but i forgot to tell you the server i try to connect : irc.quakenet.org on 6667 or de.quakenet.org on 6667

DreamEater (anon, 23.02.2008 00.43) kotisivu


Resolving server address...
Connecting to server...
Connected to server...
AUTH:***Looking up your hostname...
AUTH:*** Checking ident...
Disconnected from server

And sometimes the error comes up like this:

Resolving server address...
Connecting to server...
Disconnected from server

These errors only happen when using GRPS/HSPDA (3g/3.5g)

Phone, N95-1
mIRGGI 0.56
T-Mobile UK

Anonymous (anon, 01.03.2008 10.45)

"/me " crashes client (using undernet) Not tested on other servers

rawl (anon, 14.03.2008 07.35)

If you get a private message when charging the phone, and vibrate on message is active, the client stops updating the display, so it looks like it has been disconnected, although in reality it is actually still online (can be seen from other clients)

mIRGGI v0.56 on a Nokia 6120c

budi hartono (anon, 20.03.2008 04.35) kotisivu

i have try a new version. version 0.56.
i try to install to my N95 with new updated firmware but the error is expired certificate
i already set to install all software in program manager option
could you help me? or it's a bug?

Badi (anon, 07.04.2008 03.30)

need help!
Plz tell me how to set firewall settings.
I am using firewall in mIRC, So i think i must use firewall in mirggi.

Ripper_ (anon, 07.04.2008 18.25)

E50, mIRGGI 0.56
Fresh install, connect to server, choose New channel in the Join channel menu, app shuts down. Joining works with autojoin, just showing the (possible) channel choosing dialog crashes (:

AnselA (anon, 10.04.2008 16.10)

E51 and mIRGGI v0.56

I mistyped a channel name, mIRGGI just wants to offer it in menu. How to get rid of it?

jolo (anon, 28.06.2008 02.55) kotisivu

my mirggi crash 5min after open, everytime the same. Y task crash monitor show: panic 9 user

broesel (anon, 30.06.2008 04.57)

hi there, i have a nokia e51 and installed the latest version. works good so far but it doesen't keep my configured settings except server, black text on the default blue theme isn't cool for an old fart like me. have a nice day...

amoult (anon, 02.07.2008 12.58)

'Light on activity' does not work for me. If devices background light is dimmed or screen saver is activated, it does not turn the lights on when someone writes something to the channel.. Tested With E65, E71 and E60

McScruff (anon, 06.07.2008 22.35)

Mobile N78
Version 0.59

When connecting to an SSL Server, it asks about accepting the certificate, after accepting, i get an error saying
Feature Not Supported"

Owen (anon, 16.07.2008 17.30)

N82- Can't exit the app or close it with "task switch & C" had to switch off phone. Doesn't happen every time I run app.

casketizer (anon, 20.07.2008 00.03)

When disconnecting and then closing channel window it always crashes with kernel exec error. this is on N95 2.01 with latest Firmware.

rawl (anon, 28.07.2008 10.20)

If someone writes the bell character (ASCII value = 7), mirggi crashes. At least in irssi that's possible by typing ctrl+g.

This is very annoying if someone decides to sabotage.

Confirmed with several phones.

nicky (anon, 14.08.2008 23.53)

my N95 can't connect..always have syserror: -14 eror

Robert hep (anon, 17.08.2008 03.33)

Problem with nokia 6630. When i am typing a line, if a msg is received the last character i have typed dissappears and i have to type again. This is bad in busy channels.

aem (anon, 17.08.2008 11.54)

0.60 crashes on N80i when opening the "about miRGGI" option

Jonkka (anon, 23.08.2008 16.59)

The alert sound and vibration doesn't work if the query-window is not already open. So in practice you are never alerted if you receive only one single message from someone.

And another thing: It would be nice if the alert settings would follow the active profile of the phone. For instance if the phone is in silent mode it wouldn't play any sound but just vibrate.

Mirggi 0.60, Nokia N95

Alastair Weller (anon, 28.08.2008 12.14)

N73 with latest version crashes when server name or channel have * in them.
Get a Panic 9 from Y-Tasks

Badi (anon, 03.09.2008 20.04)

Can't connect...
It says "you are k-lined because you are INFECTED WITH NG WAR. Closing connection"

N95 8GB, mirggi 0.60

tkp (anon, 28.09.2008 12.11)

After ping timeout Mirggi quits. Keep alive is set to 60. My phone is Nokia 6121 Classic with 04.09 firmware

Martin (anon, 23.11.2008 16.27)

in v0.60 i can connect just for one connection whit my server. on the second trial i can't go in my chatroom. for the next connection i must connected whit a absolutly new handy, where was no installation of mirggi. testet whit E90 and N96. the admin of the server say that him see i come in and shortly moment later i am disconnected from server.

gav (anon, 12.12.2008 06.28)

Hi there.When I connect to a server I always get syserror: -5120.What do I do?

Yup (anon, 17.12.2008 22.01)

Get a syserror: -14 on Rogers Nokia E71 on all data connections EXECPT wifi. Works with wifi.

Boris (anon, 21.12.2008 11.33) kotisivu

If the name of the channel and a nickname are identical, private messages do not work (not open new windows). If nickname contains before itself the status symbols & or ~ (on some servers so owners of channels are specified) that private with such users does not open.

Boris (anon, 21.12.2008 11.35) kotisivu

or not work whois or any other commands witch nick in & or ~ symbols
Nokia E51 mIRGGI 0.60

fubblez (anon, 18.02.2009 11.29)

i want to know is it possible downloadong or sending files through irc with this application??

Toralv (anon, 23.02.2009 00.49)

E70 after update to latest os as of yesterday, versions 0.54 and 0.60 crash (exit) as soon as enter channel is used (doesn't matter if it's by way of "new channel" or you enter it as autojoin) - panic, code 3 reported by y-tools

nicotux (anon, 29.03.2009 21.50) kotisivu

1) no ssh: Panic: 3, KERN-EXEC
2) ssh: not supported function, second try Panic: 41,E32USER-CBase
Connected already with another client prevent first issue

gt (anon, 08.04.2009 22.35)

Certificate expired on 21.03.2009!

w2k (anon, 22.04.2009 11.28)

Jos saisi ns performin koska quakenettiin kun yhdistää niin ei pääse auth vaadittuun kanavaan kun tahtoo tehdä niin että authaa vasta joini yrityksen jälkeen...

eli usean komennon mahdollisuus käynnistyessä... niin että järjestyksen voi itse valita...

esim ensin auth ja sitten vastai joinit..

llev (anon, 14.05.2009 14.12) kotisivu

First of all, thanks for a great software -- works perfectly on my E71. The only feature that is missing in my opinion (or maybe I just don't know how to setup it...?) is the option to automatically reconnect in case of disconnecting from the server. GPRS connection, which I'm using is not to stable, so the disconnects are quite often. It would be very nice to have the option, which enables mIRGGI to reconnect automatically.

fernando (anon, 19.06.2009 22.19) kotisivu

don't know if I should post this here or on the news post, but here it goes:
0.62 on nokia 5800.
-the scrollbar only appears on landscape mode, so there's no way to read the backlog on portrait.
-if someone ctcp pings you, mirggi crashes.

(anon, 20.06.2009 13.09)

0.62 with 5800xm v21

Y-task crashlog when entering settings:

Panic: 6, Setting Item Lis

abcdefz (anon, 25.06.2009 17.44)

I just installed mirggi on my nokia e63, but everytime I want to go to settings, mirggi shuts down automatically. So mirggi basically doesnt work at all :/

epatti (anon, 26.06.2009 20.22)

Installed mIRGGI (mirggi_062.sisx) to my Nokia E51. It doesn't show any settings on the first run and when I go to settings menu the program crashes.

I have installed the newest firmware to my phone.

Hamish Goodwin (anon, 29.06.2009 13.10)

mIRGGI 0.62 crashes when trying to go into settings on e75-2 (RM-413 100.48.78 / on Telecom XT in New Zealand.

Ran Y-Tasks - shows it's exiting with a Panic and exit code 6 on Setting Item Lis.

N97 (anon, 05.07.2009 00.38)

Nokia N97, FM latest 11.0.021 and mirggi version 0.62. When I try to go to setting, program crashes.

I have E63 and that works. I tried to search ini file from E63 but did not find even with Y-browser.

Any way to get around the problem? Have tried a few java based clients and they really s***.


syed farhan (anon, 20.07.2009 08.52) kotisivu

hi, i tried to download and install both 0.63 and 0.60 version on my nokia e90 phone, however its doesnt even install, on the 0.63 it tells me 'there is certificate error, contact the supplier', and on 0.60 is tells me that the 'certificate expired' , can u pls help me thanks

Japa (anon, 24.07.2009 09.34)

v0.63, Second edition (FP0, FP1) on my Nokia 3230 looses the current word being typed whenever a message is received.

also, there's no indication of the currently used typing mode (dictionary, capitals, etc)

LiM3 (anon, 29.07.2009 15.56)

Nokia 5800xm and a new problem after firmware update. Model just got a new firmware v30.0..011.

After update mirggi works mostly ok, but writing to channels is allmost impossible =).
Phone should open keyboard after clicking small writing area but now it only vibrates and does nothing. Before update all was working just fine in 0.63.

I have to use virtualkeyboard software. When I want to write I hit ok in virtual_keyboard. Cursor begins to blink in writing zone. Now I can open real keyboard hitting that small writing area below channel windows.

vedran (anon, 06.08.2009 18.45)

Version 0.63, device tested Nokia E61

When selecting the about box it crashes every time. When selecting join channel/new channel in the menu, it crashes every time.
Volume keys are working backward. Volume up key moved to the left channel, volume down moves to the right. I would somehow expect it to work otherwise

Wizeon (anon, 12.08.2009 17.30) kotisivu

I'm using nokia 5730, it has s60 3rd. Newest mirggi available, 0.63.

I have a problem where windows aren't updated. If I close a window it disappears correctly (after I try to switch to it again), but opening new ones is hard. If I have a channel in auto connect it opens but doesn't update. I can't see any lines written in the channel but my own messages get sent correctly. Also, opening a new channel from the menu or via /join doesn't open up a new "window". I do join the channel but can't see the tab for it or interact there in any way. This all is on synirc.net, haven't tried other networks yet.

cemilbeg (anon, 31.08.2009 12.07) kotisivu


putra (anon, 02.09.2009 05.49)

hi, is it possible to make auto response. Our msg will automaticly response if someone query us. If yes, how is the command? and also how to save a nick we currently chat, so that whenever they online we notice that he/she is online too. is it possible in mIRGGI?

gt (anon, 07.09.2009 12.15)

when you are on a channel, mirggi doesn't show /part of other users: it only shows /quit. So it's hard to understand if you are talking to people still on the channel

/join works fine

dachande (anon, 28.09.2009 01.38) kotisivu

Connecting to my bouncer (psybnc) crashes the application. I'm connection via SSL to my bouncer with 11 open channels.


There is a problem with query handling I'll try to explain. Sending and receiving messages works ok as long as you didn't start the query. So if you receive a query, the query window opens as expected. You can close the query window at any time. It will reopen when a new message arrives.

Sending and receiving messages if you start the query yourself works only once. This behaviour is weird as you can open the query, you can send and receive messages but as soon as you close the query window, messages can no longer come in. You can still send but not receive any messages.


There are some display bugs:
- No scrollbar in portrait mode
- Scrollbar in landscape mode is misplaced
- returning from keyboard in landscape mode leaves part of the keyboard on the right side between buttons.


These bugs have all been tested with mirggi 0.63 on a Nokia 5800 (S60v5)

nicotux (anon, 29.09.2009 23.25) kotisivu

samsung sgh-g810
Firmware G810XXG5
Mirggi 0.60 crashing with ctcp unless another client use irc and same nick! and ssl broken,
0.63 exit with kern-exec 3
Previous versions were working fine, but i had to update after a general bug in previous firmware.
Desinstalling 063 and reinstalling 060 DOES NOT FIX this problem
The same apply with 060, ssl bug resist after downgrade!
So far, upgrading mirggi prevent me to use irc on s60.

nicotux (anon, 30.09.2009 08.06) kotisivu

english is ok on g810, not ascii languages display squares instead of letters.
Precision on mirggi063 : crash occur at launch time, can't do anything
Precision on mirggi060 : crash occur at authentification, disconnect send.
Can't log using ssl anymore: function not implemented (-5)
Was working in 2008

zogi (anon, 08.10.2009 15.30)

Nokia N85:

Setting KeepAlive to 3600
Crashes on connect:
Exit category E32User-Cbase
Exit type: panic
Reason: 52

Happens on latest Mirggi 0.63

Empse (anon, 27.11.2009 17.07)

Nokia 5800XM

herjaa jotain yhdistäessä (siis siinä kohtaa kun valitsee yhteystavan) heti sen jälkeen

Resolving server address...
SysError: -5120
Disconnected from server

Jonas (anon, 27.12.2009 04.11)

When encountering characters above 0xFFFF in Unicode (corresponding to a utf16 surrogate pair), mIRGGI will lock up and crash without fail.

Nokia 6220 Classic
mIRGGI 0.63
S60 3rd edition FP2 (fw

If you need more information, feel free to contact me.

sqgl (anon, 15.01.2010 13.49) kotisivu

@Jonkka says "Alert sound" works but only if query window has more than one line. I never hear my alert sound no matter how many lines. Tried mp3 and midi.
Nokia 6120 Classsic
3rd Edition Symbian v9.2

XotusBlack (anon, 18.01.2010 19.51)

The client starts fine, after i set my settings (network,...) the client didnt ask for an internet connection, then if i connect manually, the client crashes - iam back in programs...
Used on Samsung i8910 HD - newest FW

sqgl (anon, 29.03.2010 11.06) kotisivu

I see no "Auto windows setting" that you talk about on homepage.
Mirggi 0.63
Nokia 6120 Classsic
3rd Edition Symbian v9.2

stig (anon, 13.07.2010 19.52)

I can't install mirggi_5th_063.sisx as I get a "Expired certificate" error. "Software installation" is set to "All". This is on a Nokia 5230.

(anon, 08.10.2010 10.32)

Please add soft keys to the 5th edition version. Using mIRGGI on a XM 5800 doesn't allow scrolling or switching windows due to no hardware keys present.

Entering text works but is cumbersome as no OK key exists.

Symbiatch (anon, 08.10.2010 16.42)

Changing channels on 5800XM works with volume keys, scrolling should work fine with scrollbar on the right side. But I'll see what to do about the soft keys...

Kalle (anon, 13.10.2010 21.55)

version 0.63, Nokia C5 s60 3ed fp2

When connecting to an SSL Server, I get an error saying "mirggi Feature Not Supported"

Alexander Fortin (anon, 01.11.2010 13.53)

Nokia 5230, v0.64

When I connect to an SSL enabled server, it correctly asks to accept a not verified cert, than hangs. Logs at server side say:

New SSL3.0 connection using cipher AES-256-CBC-SHA1 on socket 11.
Shutting down connection 11 (Timeout) with 151.81.***.***:42825 ...
SSL connection 11 shutting down ...

fgghjjkll (anon, 03.12.2010 09.18) kotisivu

mIRCGIv0.64 5th edition cannot use "enter" key on virtual keyboard in Symbian^3 Release PR1.0, Software version 011.012 on Nokia N8.

hidnplayr (anon, 13.12.2010 00.49) kotisivu

mirggi seems to run fine on my nokia x6, only problem is i cannot type into a channel because there is no keyboard. Is this a bug or am I a retard?

Rio (anon, 20.03.2011 17.45)

the other day it was working just fine, but then today I keep getting an error message each time I try to pm someone. "error: no such nick/channel" but I could chat with the person just fine on the main channel.

Michael Lackner (anon, 28.03.2011 16.29) kotisivu

Nokia E72
mIRGGI 0.64

Same bug as some other users have.

When connecting to an SSL server with SSL enabled, it will "try SSL3.0", and ask the user about the self-signed certificate (in case it's not signed by a CA).

After accepting the Cert, mIRGGI will say:

"mIRGGI: Feature not supported". Maybe SSL libs missing on E72 (and some other phones)?!

sqgl (anon, 27.05.2011 18.59) kotisivu

> Jonkka (anon, 23.08.2008 16.59)
> The alert sound and vibration doesn't work if the query-window is not already open. So in practice you are never alerted if you receive only one single message from someone.

I only get the name of the person who has typed a PM to me appearing briefly in a pop-up box in top left of main chat screen. No alert tone/light/vibration. If the phone display light is off it does not come on.
Mirggi 0.63
Nokia 6120 Classsic
3rd Edition Symbian v9.2

spritzstuhler (anon, 22.07.2011 15.46) kotisivu

On nokia x6-00 16gb everything works, except i can not send the text message, i can't see any enter or ok button and one click or double click doesn't send the typed message to the channel. my x6 is a full touchscreen handy with no keys, it has only a virtual keyboard. i can't see the enter or ok button in mirggi and doubletap on the screen dont work here. pls help.

fukkenshitsoftware (anon, 26.07.2011 15.35) kotisivu

cannot send messages, no OK button or anything how to send message with Nokia C5-03

nanne (anon, 11.10.2011 05.28)

eikö vieläkään ole korjattu tuota nokia 5530 "enter" ongelmaa jotta saisi lähetettyä tekstin kanavalle ? vai onko koko mirggi proggis kaatunut?

A use (anon, 19.04.2012 20.57)

It works on nokia N8 but it can't connect with a WLAN. It says"resolving server address..." then "connecting to server..." then it says"SysError:-34" and then"disconnected from server". Can you tell me what that means or fix it? The program works very nice and it didn't crash. I haven't tried it with GRPS yet.

A symbian^3 version would be very nice.

A use (anon, 19.04.2012 20.57)

It works on nokia N8 but it can't connect with a WLAN. It says"resolving server address..." then "connecting to server..." then it says"SysError:-34" and then"disconnected from server". Can you tell me what that means or fix it? The program works very nice and it didn't crash. I haven't tried it with GRPS yet.

A symbian^3 version would be very nice.

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