mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.5 out

10.10.2007 21.31 - mobiili 

Ok, I've released version 0.5 now (gotcha, you were all waiting for 0.4.99, weren't you? ;)

Fixed are problems with more than 9 channels (a small crash...) and less lagging than in 0.4.98, but should have at least a little less missing characters than previously.

Enjoy, now I will probably have a little break, I'm going for a week to London, so I might not be updating mIRGGI that much during that time.

And those of you that already downloaded 0.5, I've updated it a bit so it might not be the latest version.

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Version 0.4.98 out

08.10.2007 18.53 - mobiili 

Ok, now I fixed the button labels (they're shown only in landscape mode, so more space for portrait mode), there is a setting for backlog size (default 15k, previously 7k), tried to remove even more of the missing letters when typing while channel activity, keepalive setting is actually saved. Maybe something more, dunno. Also updated some translations.

Test it and shout if it doesn't work. Hopefully this'll be working well and we'll get 0.5 out :)

And I noticed that my version control wasn't working due to network problem so I uploaded a wrong version. So I'll update this as 0.4.98b, please make sure you have that version when downloading (it says 0.4.98b only after you start it).

And 0.4.98c released, fixes colors in topics.

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Version 0.4.97 out

01.10.2007 13.01 - mobiili 

Version 0.4.97 is out. It fixes problems with Connect/Disconnect menus, joined channels actually go to the Join Channel -menu (and are saved for use the next time you connect), pinging works, settings are tabbed (thanks for all that reminded me about this, it's a lot better now!), server deletion works correctly and whatnot.

So a lot of fixes, hopefully this one works better.

Oh, and the problem with Polish language is also fixed, the language file was missing and Carbide.VS messed the package file so that my fallback couldn't find English language so mIRGGI wouldn't even start :P

Note If you can't upgrade, remove old version and install the new. I'm sorry about this, it seems that even though I have the same certificate files on several computers, sometimes the signature changes and the phone won't recognize the new package as the same application :P

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