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Version 0.4.97 out

01.10.2007 13.01 - mobiili 

Version 0.4.97 is out. It fixes problems with Connect/Disconnect menus, joined channels actually go to the Join Channel -menu (and are saved for use the next time you connect), pinging works, settings are tabbed (thanks for all that reminded me about this, it's a lot better now!), server deletion works correctly and whatnot.

So a lot of fixes, hopefully this one works better.

Oh, and the problem with Polish language is also fixed, the language file was missing and Carbide.VS messed the package file so that my fallback couldn't find English language so mIRGGI wouldn't even start :P

Note If you can't upgrade, remove old version and install the new. I'm sorry about this, it seems that even though I have the same certificate files on several computers, sometimes the signature changes and the phone won't recognize the new package as the same application :P



Syem (anon, 01.10.2007 17.56)

Yes, works fine.. but i tell you in last version one bug "Every phrase that anyone write in channel deletes a letter that i write in that moment. " . You can fix this bug please :( i have N 6600, and jmirc or wlirc works fine , but your mirc is fast and great, but i have this bug, and i wish to fix them please. Thanks.

sergeym (anon, 01.10.2007 18.14)

Is i understand this bug is a side effect of ability to view new messages while typing.

sergeym (anon, 01.10.2007 18.26)

Problem with crashing after joining channels still exists, but i noticed that last thing i can see before crashing is window where server greeting appears :  [20:35:12]  [Personal Notice] Global: [Logon News - Nov 03 2006] Официальные каналы сети: #help - вопросы и проблемы, #abuse - жалобы на нарушения, #announces - анонсы каналов. Реклама каналов допустима только на канале #announces, в остальных случаях она приравнивается к спаму.
 [20:35:12]  [Personal Notice] Global: [Logon News - Nov 03 2006] Change your codepage on the fly: /quote codepage cp1251 (for Windows). UTF-8: utf.rusnet.org.ru:7770, translit - 6668. Высказать свои пожелания и задать вопросы вы можете на форуме сети по адресу: http://www.rus-net.org/forum/. Вы можете включить русский язык в сообщениях сервисов командой /NickServ SET LANGUAGE 10. Полный набор кодировок по портам и другая информация о сервере в /motd.
 [20:35:12]  [Personal Notice] Global: [Logon News - Nov 03 2006] Не поддавайтесь призывам набрать команду вида "//write ... decode(...)", ваш IRC-клиент может быть заражён троянцем. Сообщайте о таких случаях операторам. Сообщения типа "письма счастья" с призывом разослать их ещё N людям приравниваются к спаму и наказываются соответственно.
 [20:35:12]  [Personal Notice] NickServ: Этот ник принадлежит другому. Пожалуйста, выберите другой ник. (Если это Ваш ник, наберите /NickServ IDENTIFY password.)
Maybe too much notices in short period of time causes crash ? Or maybe some of special characters in this greeting ?

snipergpl (anon, 02.10.2007 08.16)

Опять двадцать пять :(

Mirggi, may be channel closed that topic channel colour text?

Mikle (anon, 02.10.2007 17.41)

1. Still crashes after quit...
2. No menu commands for ban. Are you an pacifist? :)
3. Still can't close a private window, only server window can be closed.

n00b (anon, 03.10.2007 11.08)

Bnc problem. Disconnected from server -33 error. Windows and linux clients working just fine. Any idea what causes this?
Normal connect to efnet, ircnet and quakenet works.

GekkePrutser (anon, 03.10.2007 12.12) kotisivu

This version works great for me on the E60. Keepalive's work great now too. Many thanks!

Fihlvein (anon, 04.10.2007 08.20)

With 2nd edition mirggi is unusable with .97, since text input box is not visible. Sometimes when starting mirggi it comes visible, but most of the times it wont. I hope this will be fixed soon.

(anon, 04.10.2007 09.56)

-33 is timeout. I got this when trying to connect to IRCnet. With every client I have here. jmIrc, WLIrc, mIRGGI... I use direct socket connection. I guess this is default timeout value and programs don't modify it. But it would be nice to have maximum socket timeout value adjustable. This can't be system-forced. I can't believe that.

You may guess what's IRCnet doing while you're connecting. It does identd and open-proxy checks.
Take a look: ftp://ftp.irc.org/irc/server/
At least all three Estonian servers. So, it sends you information message about this and then just does checks and sends you nothing. No wonder where that timeout comes. And these clients don't show that by default.

This line has raw code of 020 and looks like this:

:irc.estpak.ee 020 * :Please wait while we process your connection.

(Which you can get from "irc" source anyway :))

Fihlvein (anon, 04.10.2007 16.29)

When closing mirggi, the setting for "keepalive" will reset to zero. 2nd edition N70.

Alex (anon, 04.10.2007 19.55)

I affirm that there is a bug: when you write a message(especially when using t9) and someone writes something,your word, that you're writing at the moment, disappears. It's very annoying especially when the activity is high...You can't write because your words (letters) disappear permanently...Please fix it!

Tege (anon, 06.10.2007 19.38)

Mirggi crashed when i connect my bnc. Later version that works fine but now no work. I use E90.

4epTeH0K (anon, 08.10.2007 14.48) kotisivu

When I trying connect with mirggi 0.4.97 2nd FP3 on my Nokia N70 to irc server symbian send message "impossible operation code 5" to me and mirggi closed. =((( Mirggi 0.4.97 2nd FP3 very very buggy =((

4epTeH0K (anon, 08.10.2007 14.53) kotisivu

When I trying connect to irc server with mIRGGI 2nd edition FP3 on Nokia N70 symbian send message "Impossible operation Code 5" to me and mIRGGI closing. =(( mIRGGI very very buggy =((.

4epTeH0K (anon, 08.10.2007 14.55)

When I trying connect to irc server with mIRGGI 2nd edition FP3 on Nokia N70 symbian send message "Impossible operation Code 5" to me and mIRGGI closing. =(( mIRGGI very very buggy =((.

sonja (anon, 10.08.2009 16.03) kotisivu

tapa sonja pää

sonja (anon, 10.08.2009 16.04) kotisivu

tapa sonja pää

Zeitarbeitsfirma (anon, 03.02.2022 07.20) kotisivu

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