mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.5.1 out

29.11.2007 01.27 - mobiili 

Ok, I finally got the 0.5.1 version out. There was some problem with compiling and getting it to run, but after installing Carbide.c++ 1.3 beta it seems to work just fine.

This one fixes the problem with empty lines (very apparent with im.bitlbee.org), adds support for Slovenian language (thanks Tadej!) and also fixes the previously written lines -buffer.



effect (anon, 29.11.2007 03.07) kotisivu

download not working

Syem (anon, 29.11.2007 16.17)

Yes, download is not working. Download 1.60 kb, and stop.

mirggi (29.11.2007 16.38)

Now all download links should work. I mislabeled the files, sorry :(

Syem (anon, 29.11.2007 20.42)

Download work, thanx. But i tell you, exist one bug in all version. Every phrase that anyone write in channel deletes a letter that i write in that moment. Can fix this bug please :( is very dificult to write something, wen in my channel is activity. Thanx . m

jamo (anon, 03.12.2007 11.48)

en saa tällä versiolla avattua priva ikkunaa ollenkaan aikasemmin toimi?

a1 (anon, 03.12.2007 17.38) kotisivu

appeal to nick should be from menu, it's more comfortable (and more precisely) than manual nick input. thanks

ken (anon, 13.12.2007 12.23)

When issues the wap edition?

greeny (anon, 16.12.2007 02.57)

Great work, I just discovered mIRGGI and I already love it :-)

No' (anon, 19.12.2007 22.15)

I've just installed mirggi on my brand new N95 8GB, and it's working great so far.
I couldn't help but noticed that this program is not available in French... Well I'm French and I could make the translation if you like.

Please drop me an email to see if we can sort things out.

at jehaisleprintemps dot net, my name is bruno

noff (anon, 20.12.2007 18.18)


will there be a support for W960i in the near future? :)

greetings, noff

Hugh (anon, 26.12.2007 23.56)

I'd like to lend a hand with developing mIRGGI, if I may. I'm an accomplished professional software developer with a history in EVC and C++. Give me a shout :)

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