mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

New download URLs

18.09.2007 23.07 - mobiili 

I've assigned new download URLs to help you get the newest version easily:

2nd edition version (FP0 or FP1): http://2nd.mirggi.net/

2nd edition version (FP2 or FP3): http://2nd2.mirggi.net/

3rd/5th edition version http://3rd.mirggi.net/

These will always point to the right package.



saxen (anon, 19.09.2007 16.21)

Hi mate! what do u mean with "3rd/5th edition version"!! 5th edition!!?? are u sure?! :???:

mirggi (19.09.2007 16.23)

Yes, I'm sure :) The next S60 version will be 5th edition, which is (according to Nokia, so probably won't mean that much) compatible with 3rd edition.

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