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Crash reporting

14.09.2007 11.33 - mobiili 

If you have crashes with mIRGGI and your phone doesn't show you the panic code (i.e. the app just disappears and no reason is given), please install errrd-package and then crash mIRGGI again. This package is from Nokia and contains a single empty file that will make your phone to show the error code for any crashes your phone might have. This package is only for 3rd edition phones.

This will help me find the problems much faster since I don't have to try to get my version to crash just to know what happened. The error code won't say exactly what happened or where, but it will give some clue (if the error code is documented, not all are).



(anon, 14.09.2007 13.00)

I use Y-Tasks with Crash monitor for this.
It's also good way to monitor RAM usage.

Other good debugging things are Tasky & Y-Browser. And maybe few other utils.

mirggi (14.09.2007 15.11)

I was trying to find that software, couldn't remember that it was Jukka's doings. Thanks!

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