mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.4.9 out now!

25.08.2007 16.52 - mobiili 

I've released v0.4.9 and it's available from MOSH. It fixes the problems with autojoins, hangs etc. I don't know if the problems with not starting will be fixed since I haven't gotten that error on my test devices.

There are also two new features:

The commands to send when connecting to server. Separate multiple commands with newline characters. The commands must be in IRC protocol form since they are sent verbatim (for example, /msg is PRIVMSG nick :message, note the colon)
URL capturing
All URLs starting with http:// or https:// are captured and can be sent to clipboard from menu.

Hope this works fine and you like the new features.



nullie (anon, 25.08.2007 18.04)

Greate, now it works on my Nokia 6600.
But it crashes when I try to open Links menu entry ;)

PP (anon, 25.08.2007 18.30)

Don't start in N95

jamo (anon, 25.08.2007 18.55)

Don't start in Nokia 6110 navigator.

mirggi (25.08.2007 18.55)

PP: In which language are you using your phone? The problems in starting could derive from language files.

nullie: I'll add "empty" menu item there, the crash could be because the menu is empty until there is at least one URL mentioned somewhere.

jamo (anon, 25.08.2007 18.56)


Propulsio (anon, 25.08.2007 22.38)

Don't start in E90

Eggy (anon, 26.08.2007 01.37) kotisivu

It won't work on my N95 either (latest working version was 0.4.6). My N95 is European but the language is set to English and the firmware is v12.0.013

(anon, 26.08.2007 02.09)

Doesn't start on Nokia 5500. Exit code is 0/kill. Estonian locale, latest firmware.

Pasho (anon, 26.08.2007 05.42)

Thx man, it is awesom, if u need some help in development just let me know in this comments %) i love this client and would like to support it, plus i can tranlate it to russian.

PP (anon, 26.08.2007 13.21)

mirggi: finnish

goldren (anon, 26.08.2007 14.05)

has not started on my N73 toooo =)

goldren (anon, 26.08.2007 14.06)

latest working version was 0.4.6

mirggi (26.08.2007 18.41)

Found out the startup problem. The localizations aren't stored in the same place where the applicaton is, so if you install on a memory card, it won't work.

I'm fixing this and soon it will work.

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