mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

v0.4.4e available

08.06.2007 10.30 - mobiili 

I've released v0.4.4e that has a couple of things changed. The colors are a lot more subtle, there is a /close command etc. Hope this works fine for you.



boyko (anon, 08.06.2007 10.58) kotisivu

all works!!! tnx a lot!

phonophiliac (anon, 08.06.2007 18.16)

Startup is much faster... Colors are, as you said, less colorful... other than that, it will take some time to find any differences, as this is a much more subtle update than last time. That said, it is absolutely great that you are updating so often... Much appreciated, keep up the great work. -Phono

PP (anon, 10.06.2007 22.29)

Tested in N95 and looks good. Text is in the textbox and work perfect. THANX!

espen (anon, 12.06.2007 15.46)

Tested on E79 and looks good.

tag (anon, 12.06.2007 19.16) kotisivu

The link in the blog is fine, but the link on the main page is linking to the release instead of beta.

phonophiliac (anon, 14.06.2007 17.30)

Also wanted to add, the new icon looks killer. Love the icon! Cheers, Phono

suckho (anon, 15.06.2007 09.56)

S60 2nd edition build, please!

jesi (anon, 18.06.2007 22.11) kotisivu

Tested on E90, works fine!

milzer (18.06.2007 23.18)

Special characters window in settings still crashes the application in N73. Luckily the input line is in correct position now :)

Vaideeswaran (anon, 19.06.2007 11.05)

I love this version. The frequent toggling of windows is still present but it is not an irritant. I Love the close command. Also the windows indicator on the top right is a gem of a feature. On the whole its a much better user experience. Wonderful Stuf!!!!!

crash (anon, 20.06.2007 21.20)

Special characters window in settings crashes the application in N80

SymbiOpus (anon, 21.06.2007 03.46)

Thank you! works great on my N80. Can I design an icon for it? I'm no artist, but it needs an icon =)

Toni Popovic (anon, 21.06.2007 21.58)

Great stuff! Everything works perfectly on E65.

MaZo (anon, 25.06.2007 14.00)

Rotating screen on E70 causes all windows to go blank if not active. To update a window it must be active when rotating screen again and then all the other windows goes blank. That is why chatting on multiple channels requires to constantly close and open the keyboard.
It's still much better than 0.4.3 where I updated from.

mirggi uza ;P (anon, 28.06.2007 19.03)

a cpl of versions ago u asked about implementing new charsets into mirggi, and i wondered if u could implement hebrew too, since utf-8 isn't always used.

mirggi (28.06.2007 20.49)

The screen rotating thing will be fixed on the next release which will hopefully be available by next week.

Also Windows 1255 will be implemented.

I still haven't seen the problem where the scrolling doesn't work so I'm not able to check why that doesn't work with some people.

kebax (anon, 29.06.2007 03.34) kotisivu

I would like to see soft rotation - a function "Rotate" in, say, "Options" menu.

JIaMep (anon, 04.07.2007 11.01)

Hello. I'm very sad that you are not develop your program for S60 v. 2 :-((((( We need normal IRC client too. We almost haven't IRC clients on theese smrtphones. Please, dont't leave us without chat. We even can some donate you - send some money to you. At least, I'm ready to do it.

MaZo (anon, 04.07.2007 12.25)

JIaMep, search for Mobileways Wireless IRC. It's teh win for s60 v2.

JIaMep (anon, 04.07.2007 13.21)

MaZo, It very bad works with cyrillic code pages such as CP 1251 (Windows-1251). mIRGGI 0.4.3 works normally with cyrillic text.

mirggi (04.07.2007 14.22)

v0.4.5 will be released for 2nd ed too, I hope I'll get it out soon. Trying to find out why the screen rotation breaks the screen. After that's fixed, I'll get it out.

WirelessIRC is superior to mIRGGI in many ways, glad to hear that in some ways mIRGGI is better than it :)

Vinski (anon, 04.07.2007 23.09)

Last version of WirelessIRC is many years old.
It was developed for Nokia 7650 and 3650/3660
(Symbian OS 6.1 + S60 1st Edition). I dont think it works with Symbian OS 8.x series (6630, N70, etc.)

MaZo (anon, 05.07.2007 08.50)

It does work on 6630, dont know about N70.

mpz (anon, 06.07.2007 09.33)

Thanks for a great program! I'm using an N93 and a Nokia bluetooth keyboard, and it's already better than the competitors.

- Like previously mentioned, rotating the screen blanks all but the active channel. If I scroll up and down in a blank channel, the text reappears. It disappears when I change to another channel and back.
- When mirggi is receiving a line from the server, it (or Symbian?) doesn't buffer more than 3 or 4 keypresses. I'm moderately fast at typing and sometimes my input goes to /dev/null since mirggi is in the middle of receiving a line (especially in bad network conditions).
- Autoscroll is annoying. It should happen only if the screen is already scrolled to the bottom. Otherwise it's impossible to check what was said earlier in a busy channel, because the screen keeps scrolling to the bottom.
- When I have multiple channels open and somebody says something in a channel *other than* the one I have active, that channel's text flashes for a moment on the screen. Minor annoyance.

Other than that, I couldn't be happier.

(anon, 08.07.2007 11.57)

Special chars in settings crashes the application on E65 as well

Ilkka Harmanen (anon, 11.07.2007 18.19) kotisivu

I'm interested if theres support for channel names starting with "!" instead of "#" in the join list. I see the automated join list uses char # if there is a key, and & if not. It'd be nice if ! would be supported as a prefix on the list

Symbiatch (anon, 11.07.2007 20.36)

It does support those channels. The example is probably misleading, the key is just written after the channel name separated by space. So all these work (and naturally you can write multiple by separating them with commas):

#channel key
&channel key
!channel key
+channel key

Tero K (anon, 12.09.2007 17.58)

Great software. No problems at all.

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