mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

v0.4.4b available

14.05.2007 08.55 - mobiili 

I've released a beta version (aren't they all...) because I found solutions to some of the annoying problems with mIRGGI. This is NOT a final version and it might be updated a lot in the future, but since these are hindering the use of mIRGGI I thought some of you might want to try the newer version. The previous one is still available through the normal download links.

At least these problems are in 0.4.4:

  • /msg is still broken for some reason, I will try to find out what's wrong (I know where it crashes but not yet why). But remember: the correct way to chat with people is to open a query window with /query nick and then type your message. It'll always work.
  • Options menu has one selection that is always too low to show on screen. Will be fixed when I find out how to calculate the extents so that the settings item list won't do this. Naturally it should calculate itself how many items can be shown, but...
  • Copy-mode won't show the cursor at the moment.
  • There seems to be some flickering when messages arrive in other channels, must investigate.

This version has at least these changes:

  • much much MUCH faster window changing, menu opening, changing to other programs and back. this is the main reason for this release
  • adds color to mIRGGI (which seems to cause the font not to be antialiased, nice work Nokia...)
  • removes the unnecessary status pane and only draws the channel name
  • draws status indicators for windows in the top right corner (gray is no activity, green is current window and res is activity after last viewing)

The versio is available here, only for 3rd edition at the moment.



Trofimov (anon, 14.05.2007 10.49)

'options' menu too large in N73.

mirggi (14.05.2007 12.35)

Forgot to mention that, added to the text, thanks.

Trofimov (anon, 14.05.2007 14.12)

Screenshot :)


sAmPtaRo (anon, 14.05.2007 15.43)

Saisiko vielä tämän s60 2nd laitteille. On todella hidas valikoissa tuo vanha versio.

mirggi (14.05.2007 15.51)

2nd ed tulee myös pian kunhan nuo muutamat ongelmat saisi kuntoon.

JIaMep (anon, 15.05.2007 11.25)

What about S60 2nd? I want use it on Nokia N70. Yu wrote about it, but I don't understand Finnish language.

JIaMep (anon, 15.05.2007 11.39)

And else. Would you move all of words in this program to mirggi.rsc file? It needs to localize the program to different languages.

mirggi (15.05.2007 13.16)

Sorry, forgot that not everyone understands Finnish yet O:)

2nd edition is coming soon. I'm thinking about releasing these "beta" versions which might contain larger bugs/misfeatures than the "official" releases so that I could get a larger test base and "normal" users can use the latest mostly-functional versions.

Resources will be used for strings soon and I'm happy to integrate localizations to the build process. At the moment I'm trying to get most of the needed features implemented (and working well) and then I'll concentrate on localizations and other fixups.

JIaMep (anon, 15.05.2007 17.33)

Thx! Russian localization of rsc (r16) will be sent to you as soon as resource will start be used for strings, but I can test it only for 2nd edition. Or I can translate strings to Russians, if you will tell me all of them

phonophiliac (anon, 15.05.2007 23.05) kotisivu

First, wanted to say thanks for the great releases so far... I use this on the N95, as the java releases that work, dont work well (with redraws and with ram issues), and in general, i am OK with it....
The biggest annoyance I experience, is that the window will not stay at the bottom of the text thread after I speak, or someone else speaks.... so on a very active channel, all that happens is I look at the channel header with all the names, and cannot participate in the conversations... It only happens after running for a little while, and the active window fills with text.
This issue is without doubt the biggest impediment in my opinion... It makes it almost unusable, and if not to that extent, highly annoying.
Once again, let me say, its a good client, lightweight, easy to use, get around in, setup... i mean its great in a number of ways.
But that one thing, just makes it so difficult to use....
Anyways, thats my .02, and big kudos for the constant updates and fixes. Hope mine makes it in there.
Kind Regards,

boyko (anon, 21.05.2007 13.25) kotisivu

Nokia N73, new firmware 3.0713.1.0.2 - v.0.4.4 not work. With v.0.4.3 - all ok.

PP (anon, 21.05.2007 21.32)

N95 teksti välkkyy ainakin mulla. Ei saa mitään selvää

Kavey (anon, 23.05.2007 13.35)

Is there any way to skip MOTD? Many servers spam the client on connection, and this makes mriggi really slow to start up?

Hude (anon, 24.05.2007 09.24)

choosing special characters from the special character grid crashes the program on N73 (happened when choosing '_' for username or '.' for server)

bert hubert (anon, 26.05.2007 19.27) kotisivu

Very nice! But I have to add that the issue where every new message causes the display to scroll back up to the first message, is really nasty.

I hope it can be resolved! Otherwise this is a fine complement to my N95.

Keep up the great work.

mvt (anon, 30.05.2007 22.08)

is autowindows work in this version ? tryed to add #channel and &channel (one channel to join), nothing.

PP (anon, 31.05.2007 16.31)

Auto txt rolling, please.

Japi (anon, 08.06.2007 01.17) kotisivu

Hieno ohjelma. Nyt ei tarvii irkistä irrottautua hekeksikään. Toimii meitsin n50 luurilla. :)

Vaideeswaran (anon, 08.06.2007 08.44)


I have user 0.4.4 with E61 and I noticed the following issues.

* The windows automatically toggle between a query window and the channel window. Sometimes when you are in the type mode the text gets typed to the wrong window

* The refresh rate is very slow once the scrollbar limit is reached.

I loved the 3rd edition. If you can clarify on the above that will be great. Keep up the good work!!!

Aajee (anon, 08.06.2007 16.17)

N95 puhelimella ruudun automaattinen vieritys uuden rivin ilmestyessä menee pieleen, jos käyttää ohjelmaa välillä vaakasuunaisesti ja palaa takaisin pystysuuntaiseen käyttöön.

cromo (anon, 27.06.2007 02.55)

I just made it run out of memory by sending the /names command and receiving a flood.

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