mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.4.98 out

08.10.2007 18.53 - mobiili 

Ok, now I fixed the button labels (they're shown only in landscape mode, so more space for portrait mode), there is a setting for backlog size (default 15k, previously 7k), tried to remove even more of the missing letters when typing while channel activity, keepalive setting is actually saved. Maybe something more, dunno. Also updated some translations.

Test it and shout if it doesn't work. Hopefully this'll be working well and we'll get 0.5 out :)

And I noticed that my version control wasn't working due to network problem so I uploaded a wrong version. So I'll update this as 0.4.98b, please make sure you have that version when downloading (it says 0.4.98b only after you start it).

And 0.4.98c released, fixes colors in topics.


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tag (anon, 08.10.2007 20.50)

The link on the left side (Download mIRGGI 3rd edition) gave mirggi_0498.sisx and when installing it also didn't say anything about b-version. So I canceled the installation. Can you please check?

mirggi (08.10.2007 20.51)

It says b only when started, sorry I forgot to mention that :I

snipergpl (anon, 08.10.2007 21.47)

Mirggi !!!

I know in what a problem and why your client takes off at calling on some channels! The program is closed itself when come on the channel with colour топиком (name), for example such -

8%9,8%8,9%3,9%1,3%3,1%9,18%9,8%8,9%3,9%1,3%3,1%9,1Клуб любителей тяжелечка города Серпухова, МО 15,0$14,15$2,14$4,1Metal1,1 1,4Up1,1 4,1Your1,1 1,4Ass1,1 4,1! ! !2,14$14,15$15,0$4,1 † 14,1

Fix this bug please!!!

mirggi (08.10.2007 23.06)

0.4.98c released, it fixes this problem with colors in topics.

Syem (anon, 09.10.2007 09.43)

Hello again :).. this version is crashed before close program.. and bug wen letters disapear wen in channel is activity persist.. Sorry for my english. Thanks.

snipergpl (anon, 09.10.2007 15.32)

Good work Mirggi! This version work fine! Thanks!

Mandor (anon, 10.10.2007 16.13)

Well, now link at the left side points to mIRGGI v0.5. Any comments?

dominante (anon, 25.01.2008 21.52) kotisivu

Huomasin että tekstinarvaus ei pelitä oikein kunnolla mirggissä. Onko toiveita saada se oikeatti toimimaan?yli 6 merkkiä rivillä sekoittaa tekstin ja joutuu kirjoittaa sanoja
uudestaan. Puhelin on Nokia 6630

Katherina Daws (anon, 14.05.2021 10.17)


Kattie Monroy (anon, 14.05.2021 14.40)


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