mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.61 out!

10.06.2009 20.54 - mobiili ohjelmointi 

Ok, I finally got my head messed up enough to figure out why the settings weren't working on the 5th edition devices. It's now fixed in 0.61. You can get the versions from the normal locations, 5th edition is at http://5th.mirggi.net/ from now on.

There are no major changes in this version, mainly the 5th edition compatibility and update to the Estonian translation (thanks Henrik!)

Oh, and naturally the certificate thingy is fixed. No need to change dates on your phones to install. Sorry for the delay :(

Text input on 5th edition seems "a bit" shaky, I'll try to fix it now!


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fernando (anon, 10.06.2009 22.13) kotisivu

I can't really get it to save the color settings, had to import the settings from mirggi on my N95. same for typing, where do you have to tap to bring up the virtual keyboard?

Matze (anon, 11.06.2009 09.23)

Same for me here. I can't really save the settings. After countless trys I somehow managed to save them but I can't tell how, it was a one time thing... The program is great or let's say, it would be if I could scroll through the differnt channel windows. It's not possible due to the fact I have only a touchscreen without any navigation keys (Nokia 5800 XM). On the top of all I can't send messages, there's no button for that.

It'd be my most favorite program on my phone if I could save settings normally, could send messages and were able to navigate through the different windows/channels.

The german translation is broken or at least not complete. I'll fix that for you if you send me a translation file ;D

Obi-Wan (anon, 12.06.2009 01.04)

i haven't yet tried it, but i've waited it for a long time, thanks, mirggi is great

niko (anon, 15.06.2009 15.46)

hi, mirggi is great! thank you for your program, but if you will add some codeset for fareast user such as gbk,gb2312,etc, as you know some servers doesnot use utf8 codeset.
thank you again !

Symbiatch (anon, 19.06.2009 18.09)

Matze: The translation files are in http://mirggi.net/languages/ and the English version is the definitive source.

niko: Would euc-cn work for you?

niko (anon, 28.06.2009 15.06)

hi Symbiatch, thank your for your reply, i am sorry for i don't know if ecu-cn work for some china server, because if i use other irc client and set code set to gb2312, it works. maybe the server does't support unicode?
any way , thank you for wonderful work!

anthony campbell (anon, 23.10.2011 04.51)

I am using a Nokia 5230 Symbian OS v9.4 S60v5. I download and install the mirggi on my phone and connected it to server but when i write a message there no send button to send that message. Its also hard to navigate to the respected channel you are already connected to or to scroll that channel. Please help me because i really like the design.

smorgasboard (anon, 26.01.2013 04.56)

dear sir,
greetings!! it as an awesome software. many kudos!!.
one bug: on nokia5233
the application runs fine until you want to get cloaked and run your nicks on other machines and at the same time on mokia5233 also.
keep up the good work

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