mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.60 out

06.08.2008 09.14 - mobiili 

Version 0.60 is now out. It fixes three reported things: bell character crashing mIRGGI (also probably helps with other crashes), closing window after disconnect won't crash and the activity squares are of different color.


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dima-m-v (anon, 08.08.2008 01.11) kotisivu

Thanks! Now on Nokia 3230 works fine!I think this program is the best irc client for smartphones))Can you do a new function:to input the nick of
interlocutor by clicking his nick in the list of channel users??(to add a new button to list of chanel user menu)

faszfej (anon, 08.08.2008 13.42)

Every time if a new message comes to the channel when I'm typing, one character disappears in my message. On N72. :/

dima-m-v (anon, 08.08.2008 22.08) kotisivu

The same problem on Nokia 3230(and when i use T9 dissapears the current imposed word)

Antonis (anon, 12.08.2008 12.37) kotisivu


This is an incredible client and I just love it! I have a problem though with this new versio... I connected the first time and everything worked fine but when I closed the client and reopened it it just won't connect anymore..

Sasha_Beluj (anon, 13.08.2008 16.28)

When pressing an 'About' button in menu, program crashes. Nokia N73.

zlatko (anon, 14.08.2008 12.12)

Great - the status box colors are now OK!
Thnak you for the time and effort you are putting in this project!

aem (anon, 19.08.2008 09.52)

- crashes too on N80i when pressing the about button

- crashes (sometimes) when somebody pings you (CTPC request)

Kolmas (anon, 19.08.2008 19.39)

autocommand box: if i put anything after "/msg p@cservice.netgamers.org login" command, it shuts down the application after: no ident response.
how to prevent that?

Mane (anon, 22.08.2008 17.43)

Hello thanks for great irc client, would it be possible to add option for configuring the amount of message history? (1000 lines for example) so you could scroll backwards if you haven't followed the discussion on channel? Yes you can log it to file but that can be read only after you close mIRGGI.

SephaneLenclud (anon, 28.08.2008 13.31) kotisivu

Amazing piece of software! It would deserve to go Open Source. I'm using it on E90 which makes it only more relevant.

I had problems going down in the command history. I can go up put won't go down again.

I'm terribly missing the ability to follow URLs given on the chat room.

SephaneLenclud (anon, 28.08.2008 13.32) kotisivu

Just fixing my email address ;)

StephaneLenclud (anon, 28.08.2008 13.36) kotisivu

Ok I was talking rubbish. You can follow the links. Only have to open the menu to do that ;)
Brilliant software indeed!

IRoN (anon, 02.09.2008 12.39)

I'd like to update Russian Translation, and also have description of some bugs on Nokia N70 (Symbian 8.1 FP3). Not a simple user but a symbian coder also. If the author is able to discuss smth. of mentioned above - contact me plz. via e-mail.

jukka vuokko (anon, 03.09.2008 16.40) kotisivu

first, thank you for great irc client!

I am not sure if this is caused by mirggi or not, and don't yet know whether it is still here with latest release.
With 0.56 when i was using mirggi and my E90 lost the signal for a short time, or signal was very low,
The display of E90 faded to black and then phone rebooted itself.

This has only happened when i have been online with mirggi.

Some features that i would like a lot:
- simple message highlighting
- ability to clear input field with shortcut


E90 user (anon, 03.09.2008 17.27)


There is one bit annoying thin in otherwise fine piece of software.
I am using Nokia E90 and prefer light backgtounds.
With mIRGGI I use white background with black text. When selecting text either using select tool or by painting selection on the input field, the selected section will be shown with white font at white background. So it is invisible.

That has been caused lot of annoying situations when I had selected all text from input field (with ctrl-a) and then accidentally forgot the selection and hit enter...

(anon, 21.10.2008 21.00)

does this work with my 3120c, its 40series phone

soherrys (anon, 28.10.2008 21.02)

SysError: -5120
Disconnected from server :(

luuri E90

pritch (anon, 09.11.2008 17.52)

Good client, first I've used for the Nokia N95. One problem though - mIRGGI won't exit, even after disconnecting. It just returns to the server window.

N96 user (anon, 10.11.2008 13.19)

0.60 seems to be getting into better shape. Works fine here, except the default "look & feel" was unreadable.

If possible, the energy management should be improved.

This could help:


Although I guess the power usage may not be because of the program itself...

JohnnyBlazE (anon, 10.11.2008 13.24)

Well, this is excellent software which you have painstakingly created, no doubt.

A few features which I cannot figure if they exist:

1) Jukka mentioned clearing the input field quickly. I cannot find a way to do this either; Selecting all and pressing "c" (on N95 8GB) doesn't do it, so manual deletion must be done. Is there a way?

2) When you start typing someone's Nick to address them in a channel, can you press a button to autocomplete the name (same way the tab works in most IRC clients), as this would be useful!

Many thanks for the software all the same, it is excellent and I love the customisation of colours. Light green text on black background conjures up some familiar memories! ;)



pritch (anon, 15.11.2008 22.03)

Just to say exit problem disappeared first time I rebooted phone, so..

Is there a way to separate autoperform lines?


/nickserv blah
/chanserv blah

? thanks!

n95 user (anon, 17.11.2008 14.59)

Brill application - was wondering any plans of implementing SSL into it?

DarkThrex (anon, 21.11.2008 17.45)

wondering if any future plans, or if it is even possible, to implement SSL into this client?

(anon, 11.12.2008 12.17)

And now we need client for 5800. Any plans for new s60 version? Also ssl and blowfish support would be nice to have.

onc (anon, 15.12.2008 14.17)

Sometimes it seems like mirggi is receiving data (this happens both on wlan or gprs/3g) but not parsing or reacting to it.
I send PM's to my phone and i can see raise in total traffic in connections manager (same amount per message, of course).
Connection works very fast FROM the phone, i can join channel or send messages and they make their way to quakenet, but mirggi never knows it joined a channel etc.
Now you say this is a network problem, and Elisa has problems for sure, but why does the traffic meter tick on every action, and why does this happen on wlan too?
I tried beeing online for seweral hours and then joining a second channel and this bug occured every time.
And yes i DO think mirggi pongs the server, but cant say 100% sure.

The phone is e66
Great app though :)

reino (anon, 20.12.2008 12.36)

yeah, now when the s60 5th is released (i have 5800), new version would be nice supporting that os

Valtteri (anon, 23.12.2008 12.08)

Wow, works really nicely on N73. But there is one thing, I cant login to my bnc. I guess that's because of bnc needs the right identd ID and right second and third parameters for USER command. So, I'd like if those things could be editable. But great work anyway!

berna (anon, 26.12.2008 19.09)

Is it possible to add support of DCC SEND or GET?

Rudolf Hess (anon, 30.12.2008 19.03)

Why don't you build your app for symbian UIQ3 phones? You have source so porting wont be hard, and if you don't want to port it to UIQ3 you can send me the source on below mentioned mail so I can port it to UIQ3 if you want it.

awa[x] (anon, 30.12.2008 23.35) kotisivu

Hi! Berna, if you was received the source, send to me too. I want fix some bugs and add some features. Thanks for advance.

cheiron (anon, 03.01.2009 11.13)

works fine with the new style Nokia N96 (16gig) model. couldnt get 2nd edition to install (certificate expired) but the 3rd went on no problem and runs very nice and smooth. many thanks :)
will be updating to the new Nokia N97 in a couple months and hopefully should be able to let know if it works on there also

Spoco (anon, 03.01.2009 12.04)

Update for 5th edition please! :(

rasher (anon, 09.01.2009 11.49)

Nice client - I have a few issues:
1) I can't seem to exit - it just sits there.
2) I can't see the text over the "soft keys" - there seems to be some discrepancy between the actual size of the screen, and how large mIRGGI thinks it is, or something like that.

This on a Nokia 6220 Classic (S60 3rd FP2) - feel free to contact me if you need testing.

gwerty (anon, 13.01.2009 14.31)

When i try to connect to server i got this message --> checking ident,found your hostname,no ident response :/..What can i do? i am using Nokia E51

awa[x] (anon, 15.01.2009 14.45)

qwerty, most irc clients have internal ident server. It sends User ID and System information for a ident request when connecting. mIRGGI don't support this.

awa[x] (anon, 15.01.2009 15.30)

onc, you are right. It happens very often. And may be examined by other client running from the same phone on the same channel joined. mIRGGI did not show anything for a few hours in succession, but in the second irc client running, in the same channel all messages are shown. And when I try to write message to chat from mIRGGI, in other client my message shown, but not in mIRGGI. It means I still online, but screen output does not work. This problem occurs when mIRGGI receives some text, maybe it is unknown CTCP request or maybe it is unknown CTCP request to the channel (mass), maybe it is some other text. And if anybody sending this text mIRGGI stops screen's out. [e51,0.60]

nomie (anon, 15.01.2009 15.37)

Great program.
Also can't see menu descriptions above soft keys in portraid mode. In landscape mode it is there.
Would also be nice to have the log permanently on between sessions.

awa[x] (anon, 17.01.2009 02.51)

Empty CTCP request crashes mIRGGI. "UserNickorChan : $+ $chr[1]" and finita la comedia. If next char is a 31 and anymore, it'll be ok, otherwise - game over.

mandor (anon, 28.01.2009 17.47)

Project stopped?

awa[x] (anon, 30.01.2009 22.02)


esge (anon, 04.02.2009 09.10)

i'm using e51, had mIRGGI installed before, but now i've done software update, and when i try to instal mirggi, it says that the certificate is old

tag (anon, 04.02.2009 09.43)

esge, expired certificate in general is no problem if you adjust date/time of the device to a date where the certificate was valid. After installation you can set it back to right date.

koto (anon, 12.03.2009 03.01)

Hi, I'm new to mIRGGI the great IRC client.
Could you support ISO-2022JP character set?

Pjotr (anon, 26.03.2009 11.17)

Sanoo, että varmenne vanhentunut eikä asennu, vaikka sertifikaattivalitus pitäis olla ohitettuna... :\

Alex (anon, 28.03.2009 18.52) kotisivu

expired certificate...

alexander (anon, 03.04.2009 22.47) kotisivu

I still get "expired certificate" when trying to install v.0.60 on a Nokia E71 although I have set "software installation" to "All".
Any solution to this problem?

Ekku (anon, 09.04.2009 14.02)

"Varmenne ei ole enää voimassa" Tested with 6710.

Jimmy (anon, 09.04.2009 22.30)

If you get the "Expired certificate" error message and you have changed the Software installation to All. Just change the date one year backwards and it will let you install.

Elikkä jos saat vanhentunut sertifikaatti errorin, huolimatta siitä että olet laittanut ohjelman asennuksen valintaan Kaikki. Siirrät vain päivämäärää vuodella taakseppäin niin saat ohjelman asentumaan

Kolmas (anon, 11.04.2009 19.49)

Any updates planned for this app?

Mandor (anon, 11.04.2009 21.39)

anybody home?

Mortal (anon, 18.01.2010 17.47) kotisivu

N97 . . My nick should be same as my email address? is thre any way to change this?

ken (anon, 15.03.2010 08.29)

i am using E72 and got this msg below... can any1 help ?? thanks

SysError: -5120
Disconnected from server

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