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Version 0.59 out (minor)

06.07.2008 10.10 - mobiili 

Version 0.59 is out. The only change is a fix to the Latin2 encoding. You don't need to update if you don't use it.


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tomurbanowicz (anon, 06.07.2008 11.29)

It is working :) Thanks :)

Cage (anon, 10.07.2008 00.36)

Links wont open on 6110 navigator

hyd (anon, 14.07.2008 23.05)

Still crashes easily:

12:01AM [hyd(hyd@alice)] BitchX-1.1-final+ by panasync - Linux 2.6.15-gentoo-r5
-:- hydnokia [~hydnokia@bob] has joined #foobar
[ctcp(hydnokia)] VERSION
-:- CTCP VERSION reply from hydnokia: mIRGGI/0.59 S60/3rd/Nokia 6120c irc@mirggi.net
[ctcp(hydnokia)] PING
[ctcp(hydnokia)] PING
[ctcp(hydnokia)] PING
[ctcp(hydnokia)] PING
[ctcp(hydnokia)] PING
[ctcp(hydnokia)] PING
[ctcp(hydnokia)] PING
[ctcp(hydnokia)] PING
[ctcp(hydnokia)] PING
[ctcp(hydnokia)] PING
[ctcp(hydnokia)] PING
-:- SignOff hydnokia: #foobar (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

Rain (anon, 15.07.2008 17.31)

What about an UIQ3 version? PLEASEEEE! :)

dima-m-v (anon, 25.07.2008 22.13) kotisivu

Version 0.59 don't works on Nokia 3230(Symbian 7.0),(aborts right after a start),Version 0.56 worked fine.

zlatko (anon, 28.07.2008 10.51)

Is this only my observation, but the colors of the dots in the right top corner indicating if there is message on inactive window are very bleak? Red is barely noticeable.

NYC NY Commercial moving companies (anon, 23.09.2021 16.51) kotisivu

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