mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.4.95 out

20.09.2007 22.12 - mobiili 

I've just released version 0.4.95. This includes some minor fixups but also one big thing: multiple server connections.

This version crashes easily if you connect, connection fails and then you disconnect etc. So don't expect it to be rock stable. But otherwise connect/disconnect work quite well. Also you can close server windows, they have no titles etc, these will be fixed.

Also the previously mentioned softbutton things, 2nd edition skin problems etc are not fixed.

Now I'll concentrate on trying to fix bugs and not add that many features anymore to get 0.5 out. I'm so anxious to get working on the new features that'll be on 0.6 :)


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(anon, 21.09.2007 03.15)

It's alive :)

elroy (anon, 21.09.2007 05.40)

when you click on "start log" with a n95 mirggi get closed...

elroy (anon, 21.09.2007 05.46)

it would also be nice to have into the namelist also an option with: Whois and query

Sergeym (anon, 21.09.2007 06.10)

I found that crash i repopted before is not when mirggi (2nd edition connected, fp2) , but when it tryes to join channel with key.

Sergeym (anon, 21.09.2007 06.18)

Stupid t9:) I wanted to say that mirggi connects ok, but crashes when tryes to join +k channel (if such channel is in autojoin or writing /join #channel key)

Jaykie (anon, 21.09.2007 10.35)

Thanks for a new release. Here are my comments about 3rd edition version on N95:
- Icon seems to be reverted back to default icon
- Nicklist problems: Your nick is doubled, Operator @ sign doesn't appear in front of operators. Seems to add this sign randomly? Same behaviour as with earlier version

I didn't remove older version before installing this one.

beecher (anon, 21.09.2007 10.58)

Installer says, it's 0.4.94 even the filename is _0495.sisx... ;)

Syem (anon, 21.09.2007 19.37)

I have some bugs on my N 6600. This mirc for mobile is great, but wen join my channel from undernet ( #sorry ) and X set mode to me +o , this mirc show "mode change: +o syem" or my egg wen set +o to me, show again "mode change: +o Syem" .. you can fix that ? Can make show example "X change mode +o syem" or ">nick< change mode +o Syem" . I wand to see who change mode +b,-b,+o,-o on my cha6el, thanks.

tag (anon, 21.09.2007 23.21)

Just had the problem that mirggi didn't want to quit. As I'm used to I used the red button (just after making connection, but noone was in the channel I use), later I saw that WLAN connection is still active and thought that it asks again if I want to quit. Activated it - no question. Menu was responding, but exit from options menu didn't do anything. Long press to Menu button, C for killing mirrgi - no reaction. Disconnect from irc chosen from menu - nothing happened. Then I rebooted the phone for closing mirggi.

Sergeym (anon, 22.09.2007 07.24)

Sorry, my previous report about crash was wrong. Mirggi crashes when you join more that 3 channel ( maybe its not because of channels but because amount of opened windows) and +k doesnt matter. I tryed to remove mirggi and install older version, but it doesnt start now( it seems that all settings are saved even if app is removed)

Syem (anon, 22.09.2007 08.22)

Sergeym, settings is saved in E:/system/ShareData/MiRGGI.ini , delete mirggi.ini and install again.

Syem (anon, 22.09.2007 08.34)

Sergeym, settings is saved in E:/system/ShareData/MiRGGI.ini , delete mirggi.ini and install again.

Jimmy_ (anon, 22.09.2007 10.02)

Phone: N91 8gb - Looks like the best working version since I started using mirggi. Good job.

s60gpl (anon, 22.09.2007 20.22) kotisivu

Not Work on My N73 device. /join #**** and вылетает короче при автозаходе нафиг. Началось все с версии 0.94.
Автор программы, подскажи где она хваосты оставляет. И сделай плиз чтобы не вылетала!
А так прога норм. Для человека который в мирке вырос практически, это лекарство :)

sergeym (anon, 23.09.2007 08.13)

s60gpl it seems you have the same problem as i :) try to disable autojoin and test how much channels you can open before crashing
s60gpl похоже у тебя таже проблема что и у меня :) Поробуй полность убрать автозаход и посмотреть сколько каналов можно открыть пока не вылетит ( у меня получается 3 )

beecher (anon, 24.09.2007 14.19)

On E61 I don't see "texts for softkeys".

bash (anon, 24.11.2007 17.02)

When join a channel with a lot of people for example: 229, mIRGGI just closes. :-(

P.S. Nokia E50, Symbian 3rd edition.

Hoxzer (anon, 30.06.2008 19.40)

"When join a channel with a lot of people for example: 229, mIRGGI just closes. :-("
bash (anon, 24.11.2007 17.02)

I'm having same problem with 6630 (Symbian 60 2nd FP2).
Mirggi versio. 0.56
Nicks on channel: 483
Also tried same channel inside a bouncer. I guess my device just runs out of memory.

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