mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.4.94e out

20.09.2007 07.40 - mobiili 

There was a nasty bug that hid the input box when using menu. This fixes that but with E70 and E90 the menu labels are still wrong when rotating the screen.

The nick list is now sorted and can be shown with # key. It also goes away with the same key. The list has now op, deop, kick and slap commands available.

mIRGGI 0.4.94e 3rd edition
mIRGGI 0.4.94e 2nd edition (FP0, FP1)
mIRGGI 0.4.94e 2nd edition (FP2, FP3)


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Jaykie (anon, 20.09.2007 11.15)

Nice release! :)
I have 1 problem though. Nicklist seems to show @ sign in front of the people who are not operators. So it's viceversa on my N95. Also my nick is shown twice.


Jaykie (anon, 20.09.2007 11.25)

Also I noticed that when message is typed on a channel backlight doesn't switch on when phone is in screensaver mode. It works if the backlight is off and not in screensaver mode yet. Could be because of quite early software version in my "special" N95 :)

propulsio (anon, 20.09.2007 13.00)

I'm having same problems as Jaykie on my E90.

Possibility to send /msg from nicklist would be nice addition.

sergeym (anon, 20.09.2007 14.42)

This version still crashes after connected on Nokia 66680 :(

Miklya (anon, 20.09.2007 15.44)

What about ban, kick/ban commands from nick list?

(anon, 20.09.2007 17.54)

Input mode is still partially hidden on small resolutions.
Take a look: http://kodu.neti.ee/~madis555/tmp/mirggi_bug.png

tag (anon, 20.09.2007 21.38)

Start mirggi on E70 landscape. Use menu key to activate Active Standby screen and then mirggi in foreground again. Issue: The menu text for the softkeys doesn't change back to "Back" and "Options", instead it stays to whatever is defined in Active Standby softkeys!

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