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Version 0.4.90 out

06.09.2007 12.13 - mobiili 

So, drumroll please... I'm soon uploading 0.4.90 to MOSH. It is quite a big change from 0.4.14, though it might not seem like it on the outside. Some things will show, though.

The major things that have changed are:

  • Settings won't crash with special characters. Now you can type #'s and everything with every model.
  • No more flashing. And I mean it. But do tell me if channel changing or anything is too slow when using multiple channels. Haven't had time to test this well enough.
  • No more buffering. Text will update on screen while typing, it will only pause while you're using T9 to write a word or when you're selecting a character.
  • Input box will stay open. Because of the previous discovery, the input box will stay open after you send a line. It can be closed by clicking ok/enter and then you can change channels and scroll. When sending commands, the input box is closed currently. I'll see if even this can be prevented.
  • Light can be set to come on when there's activity on some channel. This will happen whether mIRGGI is in the foreground or not at the moment.

What else... Can't remember everything since I've done such a big remodeling on the UI insides trying to get these annoying things to work. Hope you like it!

I've NOT tested the 2nd edition version thoroughly, it installs, starts, tries to connect to a server etc, so it should work. Let me know! MOSH seems to be down so it's downloadable from my site.

mIRGGI 0.4.90 for S60 3rd Edition

mIRGGI 0.4.90 for S60 2nd Edition


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Matze (anon, 06.09.2007 14.05) kotisivu

I appreciate your work a lot.
I am looking forward to a release with autocompletion of nicks. This will simplify writing quite a lot :-)

Fihlvein (anon, 06.09.2007 14.51)

Oh dang, I want the 2nd version. I can be the one who tests it, I've N70 and use mobile irc a LOT.

Please don't make this 3rd edition only. Otherwise I'm being forced to use mobiways Wireless IRC from 2004. :-(

Labaman (anon, 06.09.2007 15.56)

Please, give to us 2nd version with out test, or send not-tested version to someone... To me, for example. I'v got 6680 with symbian 8.0a. My e-mail is labaman@narod.ru

mirggi (06.09.2007 15.59)

Don't worry, 2nd edition is just uploading to MOSH. At least it started, tried to connect to a server etc, so it should work...

Labaman (anon, 06.09.2007 16.12)

So, try to test 2nd version on an emulator on PS. It should be worked too...

labaman (anon, 06.09.2007 16.15)

Sorry, emulator on the PC :-)

Labaman (anon, 06.09.2007 16.28)

Links on 2nd version don't work! :(

sergeym (anon, 06.09.2007 17.23)

Yes link is simply filename http://mirggi_2nd_0490.sis/ so it leads nowhere :(

MelodyHacker (anon, 06.09.2007 17.33)

Correct URL for 2nd is http://mirggi.net/mirggi_2nd_0490.sis
Doesn't work for me, though :( "Resolving server address...", then "Disconnected from server". I'm going now to roll back to 4.0.13 in order to check if that could be a problem with my operator (other networking applications work as usual).

MelodyHacker (anon, 06.09.2007 17.38)

Yep, 4.0.13 2nd ed. works, 4.0.90 2nd ed. does not.

MelodyHacker (anon, 06.09.2007 18.05)

[bug] version 4.0.13: "/msg nickserv@*.rusnet identify MyPaSsWoRd" in Settings, Autocommands doesn't work, giving out the message "JOIN: Not enough parameters" right after "NONE: is now your codepage" (needless to say that I didn't ordered any joins except that were stated in Settings, Autojoin - and they worked fine).

(What else can I do to use nickserv's password authorization?)

mirggi (06.09.2007 18.11)

The commands must be given as IRC commands, so this should work:

PRIVMSG nickserv@*.rusnet :identify MyPaSsWoRd

sergeym (anon, 06.09.2007 18.20)

i tested 2nd edition version on my Nokia 6680. So far it works ok :)

M (anon, 06.09.2007 18.29)

Fihlvein (anon, 06.09.2007 19.31)

Works quite well with N70. It's still suffering for automatic scrolling down when checking backlog, which is not acceptable. I'll write more when I test it better. Good work so far. ;-)

elroy (anon, 07.09.2007 05.19)

yeah good job mate! Finaly no top scroll prob and utf-8 collors works now . Would be the best one 4 me with landscape option, name list, and the dutch language wich i translated in the translation table section. Keep the good work going on.

pheno (anon, 07.09.2007 15.15)

Just courious. Did you manage to do this 'smooth scrolling' with stock controls or did you code your own editor ?

MelodyHacker (anon, 07.09.2007 16.22)

Ugh. The problem with 2nd edition version solved after checking out the settings, which were obviously not OK - in fact there were none at all :) - upgrade from 4.0.13 to 4.0.90 didn't preserve old ones. PRIVMSG in Autocommands for nickserv authorization works as well (both 2nd and 3rd versions). Thanks for help and for all the patience!

Henrik (anon, 08.09.2007 12.16)

6120 classic and works ok :) Can we expect colours in the future?

Henrik (anon, 08.09.2007 12.42)

Well, almost everything works. My Nokia 6120 and my friends Nokia E70 crashes instantly when trying to open "Links" while connected to the server. All using S60 v3.

Q (anon, 08.09.2007 12.47)

N95 and E90 Also crash when trying to open "links", after the crash phone needs to be booted to get mirggi working again.

mirggi (08.09.2007 12.59)

The links problem is quite strange, I haven't gotten it to crash with N95 or N93. Must try to check it out more.

I've done some improvements and 0.4.91 will probably come today. It has sound notification for private messages, the size of the input box is fixed (it was too small for some font sizes) and the settings are localized once more (previously they were always English).

I'll try to get some more things done though, only 9 releases to 0.5 left :)

Tege (anon, 08.09.2007 16.17)

Crash E90 when go to Links.

mirggi (08.09.2007 16.39)

pheno: Everything is done with stock controls at the moment. Lots of hacks and kludges but seems to work, finally :)

mirggi (09.09.2007 14.01)

I found the links bug, I gave too long texts for the menu items. Didn't think there was such a low minimum value (40 chars). Will be fixed in 0.4.92.

Gerald McWilliams (anon, 14.05.2021 21.14)


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