mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.4.14 out

02.09.2007 02.42 - mobiili 

I've just released version 0.4.14. This version finally fixes the problem with special characters in the settings! Took me long enough. I've also started reorganizing some parts of the code to allow me to get the required functionality implemented.

I've only released the 3rd edition version since I don't have my N70 at hand at the moment. I'll try to test the 2nd edition version soon too.

Note! The settings might be a bit different, so if the app won't start on your device, uninstall the old version and then install the new. And then input your settings again :(


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(anon, 02.09.2007 07.50)

It's labeled as 2nd in MOSH :(

(anon, 02.09.2007 08.17)

Default port 50529027 is a little bit high for TCP :P

(anon, 02.09.2007 08.29)

Um, I want to improve Estonian translation. It's uh... nevermind. Where was that English string list?

mirggi (02.09.2007 12.25)

The Estonian translation is far from Estonian, I know :(

I will get a more thorough list of strings before 0.5 release, I'd really love a real Estonian translation.

I'll fix the port number and thanks for noticing the problem in naming in MOSH. It's fixed now.

(anon, 03.09.2007 02.36)

Input settings again ?:) I have already note with those strings. I gave up entering them again. Now I just copy and paste.

Q (anon, 03.09.2007 09.07)

This newest version of mirggi doesnt seem to start on either N95 or E90 (Latest software on both). When trying to start mirggi, screen flashes once and then nothing happens, app. is not opened.

N95 had the older version installed, but it was removed before trying to install the new version.
E90 has not had mirggi previously installed.

Nachholer (anon, 03.09.2007 14.16)

Why is the font so big? The size setting change only the height between the lines. The font does not change the size.

elroy (anon, 03.09.2007 14.43)

0.4.14 wont start on a nokia n95, when you open it closes immediately.

pasho (anon, 04.09.2007 05.14)

when i try to set options for chanel ot irc server i cant see what i am typing, it is white, the only way to see it is highlite the text %)
pls fix it thx

goldren (anon, 04.09.2007 10.24)

on my N73 the letters are too big/ cannot change them

Nachholer (anon, 04.09.2007 17.33)

white on white at the settings thats why your theme is buggy. This not a issue of mirggi.

(anon, 04.09.2007 19.13)

Also, on top, there are icons for USB connection, etc... They are white - so hard to see with my green theme.

Labaman (anon, 05.09.2007 07.19)

Let me see the 2nd edition version for test :-)

Matze (anon, 05.09.2007 23.02) kotisivu

No update since three days???
Man are you ill?

mirggi (05.09.2007 23.14)

Actually, I did have a bad migraine for two days, but that might be because of Symbian :)

I've been busy getting UI stuff done so that there wouldn't be any flickering, no buffering, you could type while the incoming text is shown etc. It's almost done, just need to test a bit more and check other things. Then it's time for 0.4.90 already.

Hope to get it out by Friday but we'll see...

Lilia Forsythe (anon, 14.05.2021 21.40)


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