mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.4.13 out

31.08.2007 12.18 - mobiili 

Another day, another release. This one fixes CTCP version reply (it said 0.4.11 in 0.4.12, bad bad me), channel windows were a bit too low in 3rd edition so they blocked part of the input box and the Links menu crashed sometimes.

Also just noticed Mikko Linnalo's comment about the backup. I had already made the backup registration file, but for some reason it wasn't in the pkg file so it wasn't put into the installation package. Thanks for the comment, sorry for taking this long to fix it!

We'll see if I make 0.4.14 later today or if I'll save it for tomorrow. And this speed in releases can only mean one thing: 0.5 must be coming soon.


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pheno (anon, 31.08.2007 13.09)

A couple of notes:
- By typing '/ ' when connected panics with USER 9
- feels that text flow to window seems to stop when writing text and after writing when activating window - burst of lines appears ?

wish I had time to update my client with the same speed :)

Hz0 (anon, 31.08.2007 13.16)

what about aliases? like
j for join and s for server
q for query..so on
oh and when i try to add symbols in any field on the options menu it crashes..lets say i want to change my nick to hz`0 it will crash..or hz-0. btw nice job with this version!!

mirggi (31.08.2007 14.46)

The client buffers text while typing since redrawing the screen will cause the current word (T9) or character (no T9) to disappear from the input box (they're on the same control).

Must check the panic out.

Aliases are coming, I've been wanting them myself. I'll probably make it so that you can start typing and if there's no ambiguity, it'll take the appropriate command. So /j should be /join then.

And as to my updating speed, this is just a burst. Probably will wear off soon :)

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