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Pre-v0.4.7 released with polyglottism

27.07.2007 18.12 - mobiili 

I've released a pre-version of 0.4.7 which has only a language selection added at the moment. The menus don't work so don't mind them :)

3rd edition
2nd edition

Please correct all errors in languages and submit more translations. Especially Estonian is probably quite buggy since I don't really speak it, but had to try...


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goldren (anon, 27.07.2007 21.16)

has not started on my N73 =)

jakkeri (anon, 31.07.2007 22.19)

ei toimi "liity kanavalle" ja joka linen jälkeen scrollaa ylös ikkunan

anonyymi (anon, 01.08.2007 09.46)

Kannattaiskohan noi versiot betatestata ennen kuin julkasee...ihan kuraa.

symbiatch (01.08.2007 11.08)

(For non-Finnish people, there was some ranting why I'm releasing stuff without real testing)

That's why it's a "pre-release", not a normal release. Normal releases are downloadable from the left pane. This is not available there. Don't install pre-versions if you don't want to see it misbehave.

anonyymi (anon, 01.08.2007 11.52)

There has been too many bugs in previous normal releases. They should be tested much more thoroughly. I'd suggest that you stop releasing poorly tested versions every month.
Instead publish four thoroughly tested version per year.

pena (anon, 01.08.2007 13.47)

0.4.6 works fine on nokia n91 with latest firmware, but 0.4.7 crashes or closes before it starts. :I

buggy or not, i still prefer mirggi since it has all i need. \o/

24 Std. Pflegedienst (anon, 31.01.2022 22.29) kotisivu

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