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CTCP Ping Crash

20.07.2009 11.01 - mobiili ohjelmointi 

Those of you that get crashes with CTCP Pings, please send a comment with the device you're using, the version of mIRGGI, name and version of the client you use to ping and if it always crashes.

I haven't gotten the crash to happen so this would help me find the exact cause.


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zarewitch (anon, 20.07.2009 21.21)

My device: nokian97
Version of mirggi v0.63
5th edition

The 'bad' client: YChat 2.8.6-2
This version is unofficial and comes with no support.
Windows XP [Intel /1,50GHz]
Charset: CP1252 GTK+: 2.14.7
Compiled: Mar 8 2009
Downloaded from: http://www.silverex.org/download/

The problem does not occur with mIRC.
But with xchat (ychat compile) it is reproducable.

fernando (anon, 20.07.2009 22.43) kotisivu

Nokia 5800, mirggi 0.63, the client is Colloquy 2.2.1 (4132) http://colloquy.info/ (the last stable version)

Matze (anon, 20.07.2009 23.24)

Well, it seemes your connection isn't the best when you get timeouts. The device just doesn't respond to the servers requests I guess, due to bad connection.

Matze (anon, 20.07.2009 23.29)

Sorry, I commented on the wrong blog entry. Please delete my 2 posts if possible =)

Chris (anon, 21.07.2009 11.43)

Maybe it is some problem with last "/001" marker in ctcp message which is absent (are sent by bad, non-standart client)? This thing is caused with well-known fact that versions for 3rd crashes at all when its received bad ctcp request like "privmsg mirggiuser :/001" (which is empty and without last "/001" marker). There are the problem. Read "0.60 out" topic. Peoples wrote about that early. And about crash. That is not crash. After receiving bad ctcp message mirggi shut down but it sends quit message to server before. Hm. Thanks.

Symbiatch (anon, 21.07.2009 15.53)

Thanks, Chris, I was trying to find that mention about the CTCP bug and that's it. I'll check if it really is because of the missing end marker but it very well could be.

Symbiatch (anon, 21.07.2009 17.13)

Found the CTCP bug when using Colloquy (and I'm really wondering how anyone could ever use that client, took me a long time to even find the ping!) and the problem isn't a missing end marker but the fact that Colloquy doesn't send a correct PING message.

So, send a bug report to the Colloquy guys about broken CTCP PING, I'll naturally fix mIRGGI so that it doesn't crash when broken clients are used to ping it.

houz (anon, 28.07.2009 19.38)

Mirggi .63 5th

ctcp ping just one crashes client.

irc client i ctcp from is
ircII EPIC5-1.0 (20081225) [1583]amnesiac/2.0.1 (20090618) [cvs (20)]

Azrael (anon, 10.10.2009 23.45)

I crash whenever somebody sends me a custom CTCP from a whole bunch of clients.

gt (anon, 12.11.2009 18.28)


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