mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.4.94 out

17.09.2007 18.03 - mobiili 

NOTE! Due to the stupid Carbide.c++ and its inability to notice clear errors in the compilation process (or maybe it's not a problem for Nokia that some libraries were not found and linking was not done), the 3rd ed version was pre-d and not d. About says it's 0.4.94c, so if you have that version, load the correct package.

It's time for another version. Fixes/new stuff:

  • Copy fixed
  • Exit fixed
  • Multiple server profiles available (still one server connection)
  • Nick list
  • Danish translation updated
  • Scrolling works even if people are sending messages
  • USER 130 error fixed in the b version

So now finally the backlog has some meaning since the screen won't always scroll to the bottom.

So 0.5 is coming quite fast, only a few things to do.

And 0.4.94c is out. Couple changes:

  • Password field too small (8 chars, now 64)
  • Connecting to servers always uses the autowindows/autocommands from the correct progile
  • When using multiple server profiles and ports >32768, sometimes the ports may revert back to 6667
  • autocommands can now be regular mIRGGI commands, like /msg, /mode etc
  • colors on topics are stripped

And 0.4.94d is out. Some internal fixes and vibration support. Vibra only works on 3rd/5th ed and 2nd ed FP2/3. So now there are three packages depending on your phone. Vibra/sound will come in private messages if the window is not active. And joining to channels with keys should work now (2nd ed might not).

Oh, and there was a request for /slap. Try it (especially on 3rd ed devices) ;)

mIRGGI 0.4.94d 3rd edition
mIRGGI 0.4.94d 2nd edition (FP0, FP1)
mIRGGI 0.4.94d 2nd edition (FP2, FP3)

Known issues in this version:

  • 2nd edition may draw incorrectly when using skin background
  • messages might not come at all
  • title doesn't change back when returning from settings


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beecher (anon, 17.09.2007 18.32)

E61 crashes with "mIRGGI USER : 130" during start, based on what Y-Tasks says...

BTW During the installation it says 0.4.93...

Jay (anon, 17.09.2007 18.40)

mirggi dont work on N73=((((

jay (anon, 17.09.2007 18.43)

i delete old version and install new but dont work again((

sergeym (anon, 17.09.2007 18.45)

Coping still doesnt work ( 2nd edition , Nokia 6680 ) - now text can be select , however nothing is pasted by "paste text" ( but now i can use edit key to copy text , so problem isnt so big as before :) )

mirggi (17.09.2007 19.16)

0.4.94b released, fixes the first time startup problems.

I'll test the copying some more.

jay (anon, 17.09.2007 21.14)

o good very tnx this version good work tnx for mirggi=))))

lock (anon, 17.09.2007 21.21)

Multiple server profiles work incorrectly

Henrik (anon, 17.09.2007 23.57)

"USER 130" with 6120 classic.

extremist (anon, 18.09.2007 00.42)

thanx! keep up the good work

beecher (anon, 18.09.2007 08.48)

0.4.94b starts up, but the password for server is limited to 8 chars. My password is nine chars long, so server kicks me off. Thx.

Beecher (anon, 18.09.2007 08.52)

I do always forget something... Icon of mIRGGI in Applications menu is lost with ´b´ update. :-)

beecher (anon, 18.09.2007 19.05)

I have sent you updated Czech translation, hopefully it will get to 0.4.94c version... ;)

mirggi (18.09.2007 23.03)

0.4.94c is out now, grab it!

(anon, 19.09.2007 02.04)

Still USER 130 on Nokia 5500 while accessing "-" in "Links".

propulsio (anon, 19.09.2007 11.13)

light on activity is not working on my e90

propulsio (anon, 19.09.2007 11.18)

And I hope that backlog wouldn't scroll to bottom if I visit another channel and come back.

propulsio (anon, 19.09.2007 11.25)

Oh, and nick completition would be nice to have

sergeym (anon, 19.09.2007 18.53)

mIRGGI 0.4.94d 2nd edition (FP2, FP3) starts ok , but crashes (disappers without error ) after connected to server and joined all channels. From other nirc client it looks :  [22:29:09]  • Join: Sergeym_ (~mirggi@
 [22:29:17]  • Quit: Sergeym_ (~mirggi@ has quit irc (Connection reset by peer)

sergeym (anon, 19.09.2007 18.55)

forgot to say that phone is Nokia 6680 ( as i know it has Symbian 8.0a and Feature Pack 2 )

(anon, 20.09.2007 00.43)

How do I delete server profiles? :) And exiting from profile goes back to main screen, instead of profile list, as it should.

Also, why there are still two exit capabilities (via menu and via right soft key).

But mIRGGI very good already :) Keep going!

(anon, 20.09.2007 01.23)


On Nokia 5500, input box disappears and comes back after using channel's menu (for example, viewing nicklist). Colors are somehow messed up.
Until mIRGGI is somehow OK, I need to use jmIrc. Just like in old 3510i days...

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