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Version 0.4.92 out

13.09.2007 08.36 - mobiili 

I've released 0.4.92, which is a beta version. So it might have nasty bugs, crash etc. Please report everything so I can fix them. Especially check the color settings etc when running for the first time. They are probably messed up.

New things in this release:

  • logging
  • more color selections
  • transparency, so that the skin is shown
  • timestamp can show seconds
  • button bar hidden, so more space for texts
  • password hidden
  • settings are divided to separate screens

Update! I've fixed some more stuff and rereleased 0.4.92. URLs below.

  • /me works
  • command as the first thing on a new channel didn't go through
  • /join channel (without #) assumes #
  • log directory/sound file were mixed up a bit

Grab it while you can!
mIRGGI 0.4.92d 3rd edition
mIRGGI 0.4.92d 2nd edition

Note! The localized versions might write strange things (missing nicknames etc) because not all translations have been updated to the new format.


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Q (anon, 13.09.2007 09.02)

"Links" works... partially :) N95 Links menu can be opened without crashes, but when links are clicked nothing happens.

mirggi (13.09.2007 09.51)

That's the correct functionality :) I should put some "Link copied" notification. All it does is copy the URL to clipboard, it doesn't open the browser since there would be problems with that.

Q (anon, 13.09.2007 10.00)

Ok, didnt realize that, doh ;)

topyli (anon, 13.09.2007 13.40) kotisivu

The client seems to send /me actions as CTCP to the channel. The Freenode ops didn't appreciate that. :)

mirggi (13.09.2007 14.18)

Well, actions are CTCPs but you're right, there was a bug (
\0x01ACTION is naturally \0x01ac + TION). Fixed now, reload.

topyli (anon, 13.09.2007 14.46) kotisivu

Thanks for the update, works fine now. All in all, mIRGGI seems to be evolving quickly!

Sergeym (anon, 13.09.2007 17.57)

I tested this version on my Nokia 6680 (2nd edition). This is what i noticed:
some crashing, especially when opening options ( however, this is not always, and normal for beta )
coping text doesnt work : when i press copy there is no select button, and only links and exit is in menu, so i have to restart program.
All new features work ok.
(sorry for my bad english)

sergeym (anon, 13.09.2007 19.19)

Screnshot of the menu when i try to copy something:
No text can be selected , and i cant cancel text selction.

Labaman (anon, 13.09.2007 22.47)

Sergeym, don't worry, see the previous blog lists, this problem will be corrected in version0.5.


короче, пока так и должно быть. Посмотри комментарии автора к предыдущим версиям. Эта проблема будет исправлена с выходом версии 0.5. Пока все ждем.

beecher (anon, 14.09.2007 14.48)

0.49d doesn't start on my E61. With Y-Tasks and it's Crash monitor I'm getting "mIRGGI KERN-EXEC: 3"...

beecher (anon, 14.09.2007 14.49)

PS: Yes, the version is 0.4.92d and without Y-Tasks running, it just disappers when tried to start...

mirggi (14.09.2007 15.13)

That crash might be the same that some people are getting in Settings - General. I'll try to hunt it down soon.

Virgil Ashcroft (anon, 15.05.2021 04.38)


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