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11.04.2009 22.43 - mobiili 

First of all, I do apologize for being so quiet for so long. I haven't been well and haven't been able to update mIRGGI for some time now. I hope I'll be able to continue developing it soon.

Some things I know you're wondering:

  • The self-signed certificate has expired, so you need to change the date on your phone if you want to install it. I'll try to get a new package up soon
  • The 3rd edition version "works" on the 5th edition, but as we all know: Nokia's/Symbian's promises about compatibility are always overrated. For some reason the settings don't show up at all even though the code is exactly as Nokia's own examples show. Also it's not nice to use mIRGGI when the soft key labels are not visible. I'll try to fix this soon.

Hope you'll understand my situation and mIRGGI is definitely NOT dead!



Fernando (anon, 11.04.2009 23.38) kotisivu

Glad to hear you're okay, and that mirggi is still being developed. :)

fear (anon, 12.04.2009 01.22)

nice, could you add chinese charset to mIRGGi? i am waiting this feature for years....

chainsawbike (anon, 12.04.2009 12.48)

:) good to hear

XAKEP (anon, 13.04.2009 11.53)

Hey a lot of people IRC is all they have ,,,and they on N95 too so make it happen ! :D Just kidding nice to hear you I hope to see new version soon.

Thanks !

Ghjjf (anon, 13.04.2009 18.35)

Just release the source ffs

rg (anon, 14.04.2009 23.55)

glad to hear u are still working on this client.

Timo (anon, 17.04.2009 19.19)

When do we have version that works on Nokia 5800?

at (anon, 18.04.2009 12.53)

supporting comments here hoho... Haven't used mirggi yet. just bought a "smartphone", e71, after a long break in using them. Couldn't get mirggi installed yet, it's just too smart I can't hack it with my skills. So I'll just have to wait for the new package. Thanks for ur work!

bc (anon, 01.05.2009 18.57)

best irc client for symbian ;) but certificate/date trick doesnt work on my 5800 :(
plzzz make some new vesrion fast!!! thx a lot!!! :)

Cabletwitch (anon, 02.05.2009 18.08)

Hey bud! First up, hope you're getting better and all, being ill is never fun. Secondly, also good to know this project is still on the go, as Its been a great client to use. Been using it for ages on my E70, and its brilliant.

Keep up the good work!

(anon, 07.05.2009 08.03)

Gr8 news. I think we all 5800xm owners are eagerly waiting for updated version of mirggi. And ofcourse, very soon =P.
Absolutely the best irc-client for symbian.

ralph (anon, 11.05.2009 18.50) kotisivu

mirggi works fine on nokia n78. Tanks for this software

Sascha (anon, 24.05.2009 10.46)

I'd really like to try this out, but the expired cert makes it impossible for me - although I changed the date...

Any other things I could try?


Mika (anon, 25.05.2009 10.18)

What about releasing Mirggi as a opensource? One great benefit of the opensource is that if original author of the app is not able to continue te development, then some sopmeone else can do that.

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