mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.57 out

01.07.2008 22.33 - mobiili 

Didn't have time to do more than backup/restore settings (copies mirggi.ini to/from the root of the memory card) and the fix for the NickServ crash. I'll check the other bug reports etc soon.



tomurbanowicz (anon, 05.07.2008 08.27)

Still there is no ISO-8859-2 (Latin 2) in Character set :(

Symbiatch (anon, 05.07.2008 08.33)

European (1250) is Latin2 and is supported

tomurbanowicz (anon, 05.07.2008 11.26)

Europe with code page 1250, is not the same like ISO 8859-2 ;>

tomurbanowicz (anon, 05.07.2008 11.38)


Symbiatch (anon, 05.07.2008 11.44)

Sorry, it seems there are some differences. I just implemented Latin2, it'll be in the next release.

tomurbanowicz (anon, 05.07.2008 11.52)

When will be next build? :)

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