mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.5.3 out

23.01.2008 22.12 - mobiili 

I released version 0.5.3. It fixes the problem when using the "Don't update screen while scrolling" that you have to reopen and close the input box to get any output. It also features a treat for qwerty users: you can just start typing and the input box will open. Note: there is probably a bug in all devices: the second letter is capitalized (I must try to learn how the FEP stuff works to fix this).

This version also features a jazzy new icon, also for 2nd edition! Thanks to Kyyhe for the icon!



Antti. (anon, 24.01.2008 12.23)

Antti Saralampi (anon, 24.01.2008 12.28)

yrittäessäni joinata kanavalle mirggi menee pois päältä, mikä neuvoksi?

puhelimeni on Nokia N73 (95.01), RM-133, V4.0735.3.0.2

goldren (anon, 25.01.2008 08.28)

new icon - SUCKS!!!

Myrna Geake (anon, 24.08.2018 21.22) kotisivu

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