mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Character set requirements

17.04.2007 11.50 - mobiili 

I have currently implemented these character sets in mIRGGI:

  • Latin1
  • UTF-8
  • Russian (Windows 1251)
  • Greek (Windows 1253)
  • Turkish (Windows 1254)
  • Baltic (Windows 1257)

Is there any need for additional charsets? Hebrew (1255)? Arabic (1256)? Or do you use UTF8 already in other regions of the world?

Also a note on the Auto UTF-8 setting in decoding. What it means is that every line received is checked and if there are any UTF-8 sequences found, we'll decode the line as UTF-8. Otherwise it's shown as Latin1. This way you can be on channels that have users with Latin1 and UTF-8 mixed and you'll always get correct text.



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