mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

v0.4 available

13.04.2007 22.11 - mobiili 

v0.4 has been released. It contains some fixes and some improvements:

  • copy/paste
  • T9 and channel activity won't mess up writing
  • /part or /leave without any parameters won't crash
  • When typing text and another window has activity, the window might change and typed text goes to wrong channel
  • When connecting with autojoin, screen flashes quite a bit
  • Input box height changes depending on the font size
  • Port number wasn't shown correctly in settings
  • Password wasn't always saved in settings
  • timestamps

Some of the things I wanted to get to this version were left to future versions so that I could get these improvements out for you to use. Hope you like it!



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