mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

v0.4 coming

08.04.2007 13.28 - mobiili 

I have written some things for the coming v0.4 release:

  • backlog for own texts so you don't have to rewrite stuff for different windows
  • copy&paste from channel/query windows (if I get it to work nicely)
  • screen flickering reduced
  • probably a keep-alive -ping for people moving a lot and getting disconnected
  • some checks for some commands that can be used to crash the whole thing (Symbian descriptors rock, you know)

I don't know when v0.4 will be out, I must see what functions I get done and when. I think it'll be out quite soon though. I have some other boring bureaucratic things to get done at the moment, so...



(anon, 10.04.2007 21.33)

thanks for your work
and good luck

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