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Version 0.58 out

05.07.2008 21.07 - mobiili 

Note: The installer may say it's 0.56 or 0.57 but when starting it'll say 0.58.

I've released version 0.58 now. A few fixes:

  • Added /wii <nick> to be /whois <nick> <nick>
  • Changed some server messages to be a lot clearer
  • Idle time in /whois is shown in weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds, not just as a number jumble
  • Writing to a moderated channel without voice shows the error message in the correct window
  • In lists (nick etc) left/right should jump 10 names forward/backward
  • Settings should be saved better when changing things on multiple tabs
  • Latin2 encoding added

So, a bit more things this time. Hope you like it!

And you can add the most annoying bugs/important feature requests to this message so I can check if they can be done soon.

(The crash with Join channel on menu is annoying, but I can't reproduce it. I'm also trying to find some other problems that have been reported)


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Melmac (anon, 06.07.2008 01.53)

Nice updating pace you have! Keep them coming :)

tomurbanowicz (anon, 06.07.2008 09.11)

Thank You very mutch :)

tomurbanowicz (anon, 06.07.2008 09.13)

Thank You very much* :)

tomurbanowicz (anon, 06.07.2008 09.35)

Latin2 does not working :(

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