mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.5.2 out

31.12.2007 12.55 - mobiili 

Ok, just decided to take some time to get the last version done for this year. This fixes the problem with /query not opening windows, adds French translation (thanks Bruno!), fixes the previous written texts (up/down in input box), adds a setting to disable screen updating while typing (so you are not realtime, but you don't miss characters or words while typing).

Can't remember if there's anything else but give it a try. I'll continue to add more features someday when I don't have so much other work to do.


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mazheq (anon, 03.01.2008 21.02)

Hi guys.

I am not sure whether this is the right place to report a bug, but I have faced an issue that mirggi doesn't instal on my n76 nokia, but it works really good on n71. is there a possibility I can get it for my n76? thanks in advance abd thanks for a great job!!!

tag (anon, 03.01.2008 22.21)

What do you mean by "doesn't install"? Isn't there a message why it doesn't install?

Miktar (anon, 04.01.2008 20.15) kotisivu

For many months I had been looking for a good IRC client for my phone, but eventually settled for jmIRC. After getting frustrated with it, I decided to look at again and discovered mIRGGI. In my humble opinion, it is the best IRC client I have ever seen for my phone (E70), and I cannot thank you enough for releasing such a quality program.

Thank you.

Juustro (anon, 05.01.2008 00.26)

Works nicely in e70.. but what is difference beetween 2nd FP0, FP2 and 2nd FP2, FP3 versions?

could it be bossible to get s40 edition, cause like nokia 3110 classic has it.. not s60

mirggi (05.01.2008 06.36)

The difference between FP0/1 and FP2/3 currently is the vibration support, which is available in the SDK only from FP2 onwards. Otherwise they are the same and FP0/1 works on all 2nd edition devices.

zlatko (anon, 07.01.2008 16.06)

First - great app!
What i noticed on my E61 is that after using mIRGGI several times, whan i go to proccesses list i can see several identical proccesses mIRGGI. I can easuly kill them, but i wonder is there something wrong when closing this app?

mpz (anon, 14.01.2008 16.11)

Clicking the "Download mIRGGI 3rd edition" link on the left on N93's builtin S60 web browser leads me to an error page that says "Unknown domain." and the location is http://redir.saitti.net/index.phtml/3rd.mIRGGI.net/.

mpz (anon, 14.01.2008 16.13)

I then downloaded the package manually and installed it. Everything seems to work, except when I set the character set to UTF-8 and try to send lines containing Japanese characters. When I hit Enter, nothing is yet visible to another client in the same channel. When I type in another line and hit Enter, both lines are combined and show up as

[mpz] blah blah (japanese characters) blah blahPRIVMSG #channel :another line

to the other client (mIRC, if you care).

The characters actually show up fine, so there isn't a problem with UTF-8 encoding. I suppose the cr/lf just isn't sent properly, or something. I can provide more information and/or a reproduceable test case (if this wasn't enough), mail me if you need anything.

rawl (anon, 17.01.2008 07.30)

I can confirm the PRIVMSG bug when using scandinavian letters åäö with UTF-8 too. It doesn't happen for every line containing special characters though, but I haven't found any pattern so far.

Juustro (anon, 23.01.2008 10.04)

Anyway to remove messagesound once its set?

mirggi (23.01.2008 10.10)

The message sound can be removed by pressing the C key (or backspace).

Kolmas (anon, 23.01.2008 20.24)

Can some1 help?
If i connect to an irc server it just closes the application :( what could be the problem?
Thx (have N82)

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