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24.09.2007 00.43 - mobiili 

Yes, I know. I told you I wouldn't do any new features, just concentrate on fixing bugs. But I couldn't help it. I've started doing MSN Messenger support for mIRGGI. It already can connect to the server and chat with people, but it will probably crash if the connection is closed or anything is done. So even if I release it (I might not enable it in the next versions until it works better), it's like "if you use it, don't come crying if mIRGGI crashes, but do tell me what happened so I can fix it."

So the main focus is on IRC functionality and stability, MSN Messenger is just a bonus feature at the moment. And I'm doing it because I personally talk to a couple of my friends only on Messenger. So this way I can chat with all my friends at the same time on the same application.

Also I know I said that 0.5 will be great and I won't release it until this and that and whatnow. But I won't do that either. I'll release 0.5 soon because so much has changed and I'll develop the whole thing further from there on. And I won't fear the higher version numbers anymore :)

I hope this is a good thing for many and if you don't use Messenger, you won't even see it in mIRGGI. And the memory consumption isn't that big either.

Oh yes, if someone's wondering what about ICQ or GTalk or Jabber or... I do have code done for ICQ in C# so I could port that but since I don't personally use it, I won't be doing that at the moment, unless there's a huge demand for it. And GTalk, Jabber etc are the same.


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jani (anon, 24.09.2007 10.24)

one vote for GTalk.

Olof (anon, 24.09.2007 13.53)

Another one for gtalk support.

beecher (anon, 24.09.2007 14.23)

+1 for Jabber
+1 for MSN
+1 for ICQ
Adding: Yahoo IM support

:) Thanks.

samik (anon, 24.09.2007 15.59)

gtalk :)

Syem (anon, 24.09.2007 16.03)

Is great mIRGGI and MSN, but i wish to integrate and Yahoo Messenger please.. irc, msn and yahoo messenger is wonderful. Thanks :)

Juha (anon, 24.09.2007 18.37)

En kaipaa muuta kuin tämän kehittämistä, nyt jo aika loistava. Noille muille on jo toimivat ohjelmansa.

Nick (anon, 24.09.2007 20.01) kotisivu

I'd +1 for AIM/ICQ, just using the old protocol, as that would cover all the functionality needed. Is there anything I could do to help you? Figuring that if you already have a framework set up for support for one IM client, you could easily plug them all in. ;)

steev (anon, 24.09.2007 21.35)

I use mIRGGI primarily to connect to BitlBee (www.bitlbee.org) so I don't have to use the individual messengers ;)

advanced (anon, 25.09.2007 09.33)

no sense
its fuckin' useless feature

123 (anon, 25.09.2007 13.16) kotisivu

Don't fucking do it!Just do us IRC!

beecher (anon, 25.09.2007 13.49)

advanced + 123: Could you please calm down, guys? There's not so big difference between IRC and IM and lot's of Multi-IM clients are having IRC protocol also. So not so big deal...

advanced (anon, 26.09.2007 06.54)

its better "concentrate on fixing existing bugs (с)mobiili",than do new ones

tag (anon, 26.09.2007 08.54)

vote against any IM until full ircii functionality is reached ;-)

OK, problems ic. When I'm using a multiprotocol client for jabber I'd like to use /away. But the commands are different. You have to

1) use a common subset
2) have different commands per protocol
3) use some alias for commands that differ

So I'd vote against it globally until irc is working perfectly - but if you're doing anything, then I'd ask you to do jabber. AIM, ICQ, MSN, GTalk are not the kind of server I'd trust to keep messages private. Or let's just say, I dislike them and would only use them in case of emergency.

But it's your baby ;-)

PS: Hey, bitlbee looks nice at first sight!

advanced (anon, 26.09.2007 10.55)

tag +1

mirggi (26.09.2007 16.37)

Lots of comments, for and against. Whoa.

As I said, I'll focus on IRC functionality, since this is at the moment still mainly an IRC client. MSN is just an addition that I myself need.

I haven't checked Jabber out for a while, but previously it used XML as protocol and didn't even support wbXML. So the messages are large and need XML parsing capability.

Personally I dislike Jabber for that and other reasons, so I won't touch that for a while. And if I recall correctly, GTalk used Jabber for text messaging, so that's out of the question too (not to mention that I have no special interest in supporting Google's products, though they seem to be interested in hiring me at the moment :)

But we'll see what happens. I've been a bit more busy doing "real work", so there haven't been any new releases for a few days. But don't worry, it's not because of Messenger. And I hope to get a new version out by tomorrow.

tag (anon, 27.09.2007 09.54)

Sami, did you check bitlbee.org? Maybe you don't need MSN support in mirggi then. (I didn't check more than reading what it does)

It helps probably against the problem of unifying the commands for all protocols as I wrote before.

topyli (anon, 11.10.2007 14.17) kotisivu

@steev: What settings do you use to connect to bitlbee? When I try, mIRGGI crashes.

symbiatch (13.10.2007 20.50)

im.bitlbee.org sends an empty message and mIRGGI doesn't like that :(

I've fixed this but don't know when I'm releasing the new version. Soon going out to meet some friends and probably watch my first rugby match on tv :)

Mladen Perisic (anon, 26.01.2008 11.27)

Like other guys say - first finish IRC part and fix all bugs in it ;) then try Live Messenger to implement.

I am using mIRC and Live Msngr only. I do not have other clients installed on my PC.

Jesper Cheetah (anon, 31.08.2008 03.11)

Cool with the irc client. Regarding IM-protocols, I'd vote for jabber. There are lots of transports that will let you connect your jabber account with a variety of other protocols such as MSN. So all you really need is irc and jabber, and you'd have the world at your fingertips :)

Eino (anon, 20.10.2008 21.42)

Please separate the msn mirggi and the normal mIRGGI in to two different programs! Thank you. :)

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