mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.4.11 out

30.08.2007 01.32 - mobiili 

I'm continuing my "new day, new version" line today, so it's time for version 0.4.11 :)

This version is a LOT faster on screen updating, especially compared to the previous version which had a nasty bug in the kludge to reduce flickering.

This version also brings three new CTCP commands: /ping, /version and /clientinfo. So now you can ping others, check their version and clientinfo (that one is probably not used that much). mIRGGI has supported these as the recipient from the beginning but you haven't been able to send them to others.

Also there have been some requests for colors. I'm happy to say that colors are now supported. You have the default 16 colors and you can set both foreground and background colors.

I've also reverted the 2nd edition version a bit regarding the title bar. On 3rd edition the default title bar is very small, but on 2nd edition it's huge. So I'm drawing it myself once again.

So I think this version is once again a lot better than the previous. Hope you like it!


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(anon, 30.08.2007 04.18)

3rd version is upgradeable again! :)

Propulsio (anon, 30.08.2007 19.53)

WOW! Scrolling is working on my E90!

Propulsio (anon, 30.08.2007 19.54)

Well, it's still scrolling, when new line appears, but at least it's scrolling to bottom, not to the top.

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