mIRGGI - The First S60 3rd Edition IRC Client

Version 0.4.10 out

26.08.2007 19.29 - mobiili 

Version 0.4.10 is out. Fixes the problem where mIRGGI won't start when installed on a memory card.

Direct links:
3rd edition
2nd edition

I'm also going to release 0.4.11 soon, maybe even tomorrow. So no rush in getting this version to your phone.


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pasho (anon, 27.08.2007 06.32)

a few bugs, software crashes when clicking on "insert symbol" in auto-join menu and "links" in the main menu when im on chanell.

pasho (anon, 27.08.2007 06.35)

any chance to see author on irc?

(anon, 27.08.2007 07.27)

I'm wondering why installation shows "version 0.04"? Is that what causes updating errors? Oh wait... it was 0.04 on v0.4.6 too...

mirggi (27.08.2007 09.46)

The crash with insert symbol is known and I haven't found any information about it :(

The installer shows only the major and minor version, on some phones it shows 0.04(10) etc. Symbian/S60 stuff :P

OmegaBlue (anon, 27.08.2007 17.28)

Hm, the auto commands are not working on E61i.

Gertie Minix (anon, 15.05.2021 06.20)


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