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Version 0.4.8 out

23.08.2007 12.55 - mobiili 

I've just released version 0.4.8. It includes some anti-flicker fixes, it should be a bit faster and the scrolling bug should be a bit less annoying (but it's not really fixed yet). It also has some new languages (translation is still ongoing) and the title bar has been changed to the default. Now you can see what writing mode you have as well as the battery and signal status.

There are probably some bugs, so please report them. This isn't version 1.0 yet...


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pheno (anon, 23.08.2007 15.43) kotisivu

works nice ! however with this version viewsrv 11 panic is raised quite easily when changing channels back and forth?

maloy75 (anon, 23.08.2007 16.11)

the link to download "Download mIRGGI 2nd" is broken

Trofimov (anon, 23.08.2007 17.22)

Not work with psybnc.

Trofimov (anon, 23.08.2007 17.31)

@ N73

mirggi (23.08.2007 18.43)

Must check the viewsrv panic, probably calling draw commands too often or something :P

Download links are changed to go to MOSH.

steev (anon, 23.08.2007 20.43)

it crashes just after autojoining on my N80, the screen just freezes (apart from the signal/battery bars at the top). oh, and it still crashes if I try to use the insert symbol thing in the settings ;-)

(anon, 24.08.2007 02.09)

I get "error while updating" when trying to install v0.4.8 to Nokia 5500 (S60 3rd). However, I can easily update other programs. I even updated previous version of mIRGGI. Phone just asks me "This application is already installed, would you like to replace it?". Now I get error...

mirggi (24.08.2007 08.06)

I heard about this upgrade problem from other people too. It seems that even though I'm using the same certificate as previously (but on another machine), the package has some difference that causes this.

The solution is to uninstall mIRGGI and then install the newer. Not nice, I know :(

goldren (anon, 24.08.2007 10.23)

after installing has not started on my N73 =\

Antti Laiti (anon, 24.08.2007 15.23) kotisivu

Seems to crash in my N95 when trying to send text to channel. Typing text works ok but crashes when middle button is pressed to send the text.

Propulsion (anon, 24.08.2007 19.12)

Does not open in my E90 at all!

jamo (anon, 25.08.2007 06.22)

Does not open in my nokia 6110 navigator at all!

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